Beginner Cardi?

I want to knit a basic Cardi. Are there any easy patterns out there?

Suggestion (only, because I’m not qualified to do other!): open your browser, select the Images button, and then type
"knitting pattern women’s cardigan"
into the search bar.
Then you can choose something that LOOKS nice, and also easy!, click on the image, go to the image’s page and Bob’s yer uncle!
(For instance, I found this selection by doing that:

There is a PATTERNS button at the top of the page that you can check for finding something that looks like what you want. is a good place to look for patterns, you can specify that you want something easy. has loads of patterns. Whatever pattern you choose, you can come here and ask about it and get any help you need. Happy knitting!

My first venture into a real knitting project was a cardigan for my GS. It had buttons and buttonholes, pockets, and a hood. I did opt for raglan sleeves, that part was easy!

My first sweater was a pattern. They are well written and nice.

My first cardi was the baby jiffy knit sweater. :slight_smile:

Oh AAArrgghhh! - didn’t look, did I? Used to drive my husband mad, the way I never examined the whole of a web site/page.
Sighh … and there they are – about a squillion cardi patterns.