Beginner Attempting Socks

I learn much better visually, but I notice there is not a video for socks. I know there is a detailed one on the CD Rom, but I simply cannot splurge, even that much, right now. Full time student and I work full time, knitting relaxes me in the minutes I have free.

Does anyone have tips, hints, a video of how to start a sock and the basic tips and tools I will need?

Thanks for your help.

How to start a sock is pretty simple - you just do it like you would knitting anything else in the round. Even though it’s not a video, I recommend Silver’s Sock Tutorial. It definitely gives a lot of tips and hints to get your sock started.
Since you want a video for the sock but don’t want to splurge, Amy does have a video of how to turn a sock heel. Honestly, that’s the only part that is really confusing for a first-time sock knitter. The rest is all just following a pattern, and Silver’s pictures and great detail of instructions can help you out. Good luck!

Silver has an excellent free tutorial on socks here

Amy has a great video on turning the heel which many feel is the hardest part of sock knitting. Good Luck

Here is a link to a couple of very good tutorials by Silver. This gal is one of our own gals. This is really excellent. It will walk you step by step through a sock. She recommends you start with the one on four needles, I think. Good pictures and written help too. :thumbsup:

Silver’s Sock Class

I just have to add my :woot: to Silver’s Sock Tutorial. Absolutely fabulous, easy to understand, and illustrated. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m on my second sock, and loving it!

Check out the video on this site. It is knitting with double pointed needles and then there is one on turning a heel. I am very visual too and this helped me a TON!!!

I’m a very visual learner myself and while I prefer video, Silver’s sock tutorial is awesome! She provides LOTS of photos so you can SEE what she is doing.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]Someone posted a link to a series of 4 videos on YouTube, but I can’t find the thread. I posted it to the AnySockKAL, which you might want to read through anyway, for lots of tips, and you’ll find the link there somewhere in the middle. But in the meantime, here is what a search for sock knitting videos came up with on youtube…[/SIZE][/FONT]

Hope this helps…and join us in the knitalong…there’s no committment, and no end date,…just lots of company !

Thanks for posting all this. While on vacation I bought a beginer sock pattern yarn and dpns…I’m starting today!!! Sivers sock class is really a help.:muah:


I definitely recommend Silver’s Sock class! I made my first one with the help of her site, and it was so easy with her helpful pictures!

I just finished my 2nd pair, some lacey socks.