Beginner 1 color baby blanket w/ size 6 24" circ needles?

I’m hoping someone can help me!

I’m a VERY new knitter (two weeks in!), and I’m looking for an easy baby blanket pattern so I can knit something special for my nephew who’s due in March.

The problem is that the only free needles I have are size 6 (4mm) 24" circular and I can’t seem to find an easy enough pattern.

Most are two or more colors, and even after watching about a hundred videos on intarsia and fair isle knitting, I’m still not “getting” how it all works.

I figure learning to knit on circular needles will be tough enough without having to learn to knit with two colors as well with this blanket! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a pattern like this, or should I just go out and buy some bigger needles?

Thanks in advance!

There are tons of blankets and you can knit them in any color you want. Here’s a few that are very easy and technically can be knit in any yarn, any needle size. Just match your needle size to the yarn. A size 6 needle is generally use with DK or worsted, but again it depends on the look you want. A lighter weight baby yarn and size 6 needles will give you a softer more open feel. Worsted will feel more dense, but still nice.

This says size 7, but it can be knit in any color with any yarn so your needle is fine.

Another super easy one.

This one is a basket weave pattern and is really easy.

The patterns a are listed with a needle size. If you look for those listed for sizes 5, 6, or 7 you should find something that works.