Begginer hat troubles

Hey there,
I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet, starting with a hat. But no matter what stitches or combination of stitches I do it just seems to stay very small and tubular. It looks like the perfect size for a doll, but unfortunately it’s for an adult person. I can get the round all set and the next couple rows stay flat but no matter what I do to increase the circle it just curls up into a tube or bowl shape, not just a little curling at the edges.

I’ve been following these instructions : ,
And in my most recent try I have been just doing double stitches as instructed here :
And still it’s just turning into a tube, after about row 6 is when it stops increasing for me. I’ve tried alternating double stitch 1 row, single stitch next row, combinations of single and double stitches in the same row and it all just goes wrong once I hit the 6th row!
If anyone can offer any suggestions or point me in the direction of where I’m going wrong I’d really appreciate some guidance.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Those pages are too big for me to follow on my laptop (migraine doesn’t help).
I thought maybe you were losing your place until I came across a pattern in a type format that stopped increasing at round 6. Hmmm, that doesn’t seem big enough.

You can go the other way with no pattern. Chain enough to fit around your head with a little negative ease (very little if I remember how crochet is). If you want a fold over hat crochet about 6-8", for a non folded edge about 4". Then start decreasing. Can’t say exactly how many without knowing how many stitches there are or gauge but I’m guessing about 6-12 stitches evenly spaced per round until there’s few enough stitches left to thread through them and pull it shut. More decreases per round will make a flatter top, Less decreases will make a longer pointier top.
Since crochet is easy to rip out if a row doesn’t look right you can pull it out and try with a different number of decreases.

I think I’d rather do crochet bottom up, once you get about a 2" head band that fits you can freeform whatever strikes your fancy.


What hat are you making? I would love to have the pattern if you don’t mind :grinning:

I’m knitting hats without a pattern.

I remember putting a chain around my head like I described. I don’t remember having a crocheted hat but I haven’t looked. I’ve freeformed cozies like that too.

Ravelry has a lot of free crochet hat patterns.

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What weight of yarn, (e.g., worsted weight, bulky, fingering) are you using and what size crochet hook?
Are you crocheting this top down, starting with a disc for the top of the head? This video shows the steps for that kind of hat including increases and maybe you can see where you’re going wrong.

If it’s bottom up as Mike mentions, perhaps this video will help you with size and decreases.


Thank you :grinning:

Thank you, I’m actually not sure! I just went to the craft store and grabbed a yarn and then a needle aoze the package suggested, 10.5 I think? And it’s top down so I feel where I’m at it should be staying flat. I’ve been doing rows and rows of 2 stitch thinking that would increase and keep it flat, but no luck! Thanks for the videos, I’m hoping to check them out after work later!

Thanks for all the info! It’s top down and I haven’t tried any decrease stitches yet, I think I’m interpreting the increase stitch instructions wrong maybe?
Thanks for he suggestion! I may end up trying bottom up, it seems easier!

You need to keep increasing as you crochet the circle. If you don’t increase (see the first video), the crochet will start to form a bowl. In the video, she double crochets twice into the same stitch several times around.
OK, as long as the hook is close to the size recommended for the yarn, that’s good.

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It sounds like you’re crocheting 2 stitches in every stitch. Is that right? If so, that’s your problem. Every crochet hat I’ve made has progressively longer increases. Example:

Round 1: Magic circle, 11 dc
Round 2: 2 dc in each dc (22)
Round 3: 2 dc in first, dc repeat around (33)
Round 4: 2 dc in first dc, dc in next 2 dc around (44)

And so on, until you’re ready to work even to create the bowl shape. If you’re making 2 stitches in every stitch after the second round, I imagine you’d run into trouble.

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Yes, and thank you!