Beg. patterns using circ. needles

I am ready to embarked on a new adventure: knitting in the round. And suddenly I can’t find any easy-ish patterns that are for that! What should I make for my first project with circular needles? I have a baby, so any baby patterns would be great, but really anything that would be good practice will do. Thanks!:muah:

Here’s a real easy one for you: Instead of using dpn’s just use your circular. :mrgreen:

I do NOT understand how dpns work… and I am just at the beginnings of understanding circ needles.Tell me any info you can think of that I might need, please?

ETA: I looked at the pattern and I can see how it is written for circ’s… But still an explaination of DPNs could be helpful. :slight_smile:

Here are the best videos to learn from:

Choose any of the vid’s under “Small Diameter Circular Knitting”. :wink:

This is a little out there, but a VERY different pattern. It has a twist built in to a tube? You start in the middle and work to make it wider. I will say after having done it if you try give it a couple of rows after you cast on. I kept thinking I messed up and unraveled it several times before I realized that I was doing it right. :teehee: I saw them make it on Knitty Gritty and made one for my mother in law last Christmas. I did not add all of the lace work, but it was a very intresting design that can only be done on your circulars. I did it in a bulky green an then trimmed the out side in fancy fur and it turned out very funky!!,2046,DIY_18180_43402,00.html