Been Out Of Touch

I’ve been offline for a few days while running up in VT, MA, and NJ. Everywhere I’ve parked has lacked a signal for me to get online. And I’ve been rained on constantly.

But I did get a lot of knitting done LOL

:woot:Yay! for lots of knitting time!! I was wondering where you went to…

Glad you got to the knitting! I was thinking about you yesterday when I saw 3 drivers (of cars) in a row 1) cut off a big truck on a highway: 2) cut in front of a truck then hit the brakes; and 3) try to zoom around a big rig trying to make a tight turn. I thought “how does Mason deal with all these idiot drivers?!” oh well…

:waving:Mason, glad your back with us! Send some of that rain Tennessee way, please!!:pray:

Glad to see you Mason! Hope you are out of the rain area now. We do need rain here in Memphis, too. We have had a couple days, but are way behind.

We need the rain as well, but I don’t like driving it. Glad you got some knitting time…share when you can!

People say I’m out of touch all the time… :wink:

It’s funny you should mention this, I was watching the “sit-down” chat with the Ice Road Truckers and they were saying how everyone asks them how they can risk their lives driving on the ice like they do and Alex says something like, “Hey, it’s a lot safer than driving down in Houston, TX!!”

I thought, you know, he’s probably right, there’s no one on the ice roads trying to cut him off, run him off the road or just plain trying to kill him because he’s a truck!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:Kudos to you Mason for risking your life daily. I could never do what you do. :yay: :yay:

The dangerously stupid morons are just a part of my daily routine. When I’m driving I just expect them to do the most stupid thing possible, and they usually do.

And Alex is right, I’d much rather risk an icy road alone than a crowded highway at rush hour. Ignition switch on = brain switched off for many four wheelers.

Hi Mason,

Glad to hear you’re getting some knitting done.

Every once and a while I think about you and wonder if you are driving through Connecticut.

Makes the world seem a little smaller.


so did you get the irish hiking scarf done yet?

I’m still working on it. As I only have an hour here and there my knitting takes a long time. The scarf is about 2 feet long at this point and I just started the second ball of yarn a couple of days ago. Hopefully I’ll find the time to finish it before Winter starts.

so are you going for 5 feet?

How’s your mom? I’ve been praying for her.