Bedroom colors! (knitting related)

OK I’m going to knit an afghan for a friend who’s getting married in May. I don’t know her bedroom colors because her hubby will be shipped overseas for 18 months right after the wedding. But I thought I might knit her a blanket to match her room. Any ideas on some pretty common colors people use in their rooms?

Mine are blue’s and greens.

I’m just curious, so humor me and help me out :slight_smile:


Why not just ask her?

I wanted it to be a surprise, but I may have to in the end!


If you don’t want to ask her the colors, or find out from family or friends, I’d stick with white! It matches everything, and it’s a wedding sort of color :wink:

I bet you can just randomly bring it up in conversation. Like, ‘So, what do you plan on for your bedroom? I love decorating!’ Or ‘Since DH will be away and you’ve got free reign, what are you gonna surpise him with?’

Or something along those lines.

Mine is a soft buttery yellow.

Are they registered? Most people register for things like comforters , sheets, etc for the master bedroom. You might be able to find out what colors would work by checking their registry.

If she doesn’t have something on the registry and you can’t ask secretly or don’t want to I’d stick to neutrals. there are some beautiful shades of creams and brown yarns. You wouldn’t want to make a blanket of blues and greens and then find out her bedroom has no blue in it.

Does she tend to wear certain colors? Some ppl decorate in the same colors they wear. (I’ve always worn strong reds, greens and those are my dominant decor colors.) Might give you a hint as to a possible direction until you can get a better feel from sleuthing out the info in other ways. If all else fails, I agree that neutrals, esp a gorgeous cream, can’t fail.


I got the impression that her husband won’t be living in the same place for 18 months-- after they marriage… of course, I could be wrong on what I read in your message.
BUT, if she is going overseas w/ him… just know that I have lived overseas in apartments and houses rented by the us govt… (military) and the walls are ALWAYS WHITE… WHITE… and WHITE…

So, you won’t have to worry about the color of her walls- but, I would do it the same way that others have suggested. IF you’ve been to her house/apartment or look at her clothing- you can tell which colors are MISSING in her house… along with what colors she favors… for instance…
I do not own an orange piece of clothing nor is anything in my home ORANGE… not that there is anything wrong w/ it-- I just like it only in fruits and vegetables. :smiley: Ok, maybe a cheeto here and there.

So, even if she is going to live somewhere else-- surely you’ve been in her house at some point?- and have seen the colors that she uses/likes?

And, there’s nothing wrong w/ asking if they have picked out new bed linens/etc… in an off-hand way… She’d have no idea that you wanted to make her an afghan by your questions.

I agree with Chikky-I am sure you could find a way to ask without her guessing what you’re up to! I bet you could even offer to help “set up” the new house; since her new DH will be away I’m sure she’d appreciate the company and help! Then you could get an inside look so to speak and have a better idea of what color to go with.

If nothing else, go with a neutral, like Jan said-a nice cream or warm soft brown-silvery gray even? I think checking out her favorite wardrobe colors is a good idea, too.

Boy, I’m a big help :teehee: Well anyway, I am sure no matter what yarn you use, she (and he) will LOVE it!

Mine is purples.

I think I would come up with something else decor-related that you could purchase for a bedroom, that would need to go with the color theme. Like a picture frame, or dried flower arrangment… something you think she’d like. Then tell her you want to get her a _____, but you need to know her color theme to make sure it will match. :slight_smile:

This sounds fun; I love to see what kind of choices people make when they decorate.

My room WILL BE in white/navy/tan/lt green. We are still discussing paint colors for the walls, but I’m currently accessorizing in those colors.

As for your friend, I think that most people think about their bedrooms last, so she may even choose to accessorize around your gift! :slight_smile:

If you know what colors she likes, that would be a good choice, because even if it doesn’t match, she’ll still love it!

Also, that is a good suggestion about checking out what she uses in other places – I usually choose burgundys and navys for my decorating (with neutral and complimentary colors thown in, of course). Now that I’m thinking about it, my best friend uses lots of blues and tans, my mom greens and burgundys, my MIL yellows and greens and my other MIL blues and purples.

However, except for one person who has red walls, I can’t think of anyone that has a non-neutral bedroom. Most of them have plain walls and the only color is in their bedding!

I think cream is always lovely in an afghan. It matches everything, looks so soft and inviting and there are so many different shades!

Our room is aqua and chocolate brown and white. I LOVE it. And so does dh. The colors go so beautifully with our antique spanish trunk!

Mine is periwinkle and apple green with cream and sky blue accents.

I would ask her opinion. Tell her you are thinking of redoing your bedroom and ask what she suggests. Telling her your opinion will invite her tell you hers. Then just listen.

That made me think- if you do a lacy afghan, she could lay it over a solid colored bedspread that matches her decor, whatever it is, and it would be beautiful!

Well mine is red and tan…not exactly typical bedroom colors!

Like everyone else has said before, I would go with something in the cream/tan line. Or a white/silver/gray…but that’s just me!

i can’t decide what colors to use in our bedroom… for now we have purple bedding set, the walls are still white and the ceiling is still panneled (for the first few months after moving in it felt like i was sleeping in a coffin)… it hasn’t been painted yet because the one window in the room faces north so we don’t get much sun in our room… i’m thinking of painting the bedroom a light purple… but i can also use pinks, blues, and greens in an afghan for our bed (not that i’m crazy enough to knit an afghan for our room, i have a king size bed and 5 cats) since those are the colors of the flowers on the porcelin part of our headboard.