Bed socks like grandmamma

My grandmother used to knit this for us. I miss her so much
Can someone please give me a easy way to do it my self(knit bedsocks). I dont know how to read a paton lol. But i love knitting. Please can some one help me. For instance knit 2 rows with 11 stiches and so one. explain it step by step :hug: :knitting: :thumbsup:

Do you have a pattern already? Or is this the kind of pattern you’re looking for?

(click on the pdf link).
If so give it a try and if you get stuck, come back and anyone here will be happy to help.

Thank you. I don’t have a pattern. I did download it just know i am going to read through it if i don’t understand i will ask Thank you very very much:yay: :inlove: :hug: :heart: