Bed Socks [done and done]

I started making some bed socks on Thursday and I have just finished the first one, doesn’t look much like the picture in the book but hey it is so nice and soft on my foot I couldn’t care less what it looks like lol, plus the one in the book just looked like a normal sock I would buy at a department store, this looks like a nice thick warm bed sock, and even though the actual foot part is a bit loose the ribbing around the top holds it nice and tight. there are some gaps in the heel because apparently I was ment to wrap a stitch before I turned or something, but they arn’t to large, atleast I will know to watch out for it on number 2 lol, which I can’t wait to finish, my other foot is getting cold :roflhard:

Comfy looking sock!

I like the colour! Good luck with the other sock! :thumbsup:


thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

it is a lovely colour huh? its a bit darker in the photo then IRL, its like a bubblegum pink colour. I am tempted to get some lime green yarn to make myself another pair, and Garry (my partner) has requested a pair to as the one I just made fits him perfectly LMAO.

Great job!

Love the colour and they look sooooooo warm!! :cheering:

I tested the finished one out last night to see if it would stay on in bed, when I woke up it was still there !!! YAY. the other sock is about 1/3 done now, for some reason the ribbing seems to take me forever to do, I’m sure I will power through it tomorrow night as I am now up to stocking stitch which I find so much easier…

I just finished sewing up the second sock, the mistake I made with the heel in the first one actually made alot of difference, this one fits abit snugger around the heel but still has the loose look of the other (atleast they look similar LMAO would look funny having one tight and one loose hehehe).

I discovered a problem though, woolen socks and tiled floors do not mix lol, nearly the whole house apart from the bedrooms is tiled so these will be strictly bed socks :teehee:

Those look so comfy! I love big socks.

Congrats on finishing the 2nd sock :cheering: LOL, be very careful, don’t slip!
I love the pink :cheering: