Beauty School? UPDATE

Well, I think I’ve decided I’m going to go back to beauty school. I first began cosmetology school right after high school, back in '95. I was there for a few months and ended up being utterly disappointed in the school so I quit. I looked into another school, but, at the time, my heart just wasn’t into it anymore. Sucks because I had won a $500 scholarship to the school of my choice for writing a winning essay explaining why I wanted to become a cosmetologist :frowning:

Anyway, given our financial situation, and the economy, I’m pretty much being forced into going back to work, however, I really, REALLY do NOT want a typical retail job…I’m soo done with those. So, I decided I wouldn’t mind going back to beauty school.

I’ve been checking out schools in my area and one in particular sounds great. I’ve requested more info and someone should be calling me any day now.

The school I’m looking into is called Regency Beauty Institute. Does anyone have any experience with them, or, know anyone who has? Their website is done wonderfully and is full of information and pictures. The school looks fabulous (completely unlike the school I went to in '95), and, they are accredited. I’m really leaning towards this one but would like to hear other experiences if anyone has any!


Congratulations on returning to school! :cheering:

I don’t know anything about the schools, but I think its great that you want to go. Good luck with your choice!

I went to beauty school though a vo-tech program when I was in High school. But it was pretty much like the one you discribed going to first. But it was free because I took it in highschool, I just had to buy my supplies. Since, I, nor my family, could spare the money for Beauty college, I though this was the best choice.
I cut hair for 15 years before I quit and became a housewife. I’ve never heard of the school you’re leaning toward, but I’m sure it’s a good one. Congratulations, and good luck in your career choice.

If the website is anything to go by that school looks great!
I have never trained in it myself but i love make-up-artists and stylists. In things like model based photography it is amazing what having a well trained MUA or stylist to hand can do for a picture.
Well done for making the decision to go back into education. It is never an easy decision, but if it helps out financially and gives you a career and life that you will enjoy then it is well worth it!

I can’t say I know much about beauty school (have you seen my avatar…that really IS me…:teehee: ) but I do have faith that you are such a smart and wonderful woman that you’ll make a great choice. The school appears pretty cool from what I can tell. As long as there are no creepy guys who want to get in your pool there, I’d say go for it! :mrgreen:

:roflhard::roflhard: I’m DEFINITELY going to be on the lookout for that! :teehee:

Well, I went for a tour of the school today and it is AWESOME!!! I am so excited about starting! The only thing I really have to decide now is whether I’ll start this Sept. or wait until next year when my son starts school. It would be easier to manage when my son starts school, but, we really need the extra money sooner than later. We’ll see, hopefully I can work something out!

I hope you can work it out.

I actually went to cosmetology school back about '69 and '70. I went to a community college though so it was very inexpensive. I gave up my license years ago though. Just wasn’t for me.

Thank you, I truly hope I can work it out too. After being a stay at home mom for over 6 years now, I’ve become terrified by the though of having to work outside of the house, however, with this I’m looking SO forward to it. When I quit going to cosmetology school back in '95, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to go to beauty school anymore it was because the school I went to was awful. The thought of returning to beauty school one day has never left me, I just needed to wait until the right time. I feel that I am now fully prepared and I’m so anxious to start. I really, really hope I can work it out so I can start in Sept!

Good Luck, it sounds exciting. I hope it all works out for you.

Yay! I’m so proud of you for looking into this - it’s such a big step but it will be wonderful and I think you’ll enjoy it given your creativity. Good luck and keep us posted!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

We have a little bit in common here. I wanted so badly to take cosmo in high school, so I had it all set so I could take it my senior year (eons ago). Sometime during the summer they changed it to a two year high school course instead of one. I got a drill team scholarship at a junior college, so off to school I went to finally take cosmo. It was too far away, so I got homesick after about 3 months & quit. I finally went back a few years later as a young mother. Skip forward a few years…I let my license expire & sometimes I wish I hadn’t. So after all of this wordiness is the advice that no matter what, never let it expire! Even if you quit in a few years & don’t think you’ll ever want to do this again, keep that license current!

Good luck when you do go back to school, you’ll love it!

Can you get some names of graduates of their program who would be willing to talk to you about their experience with the program? It would be nice to get an idea how well the school prepared the students for work in the retail sector.

Oh boy…now that I saw this with ‘update’ in the title again I have that song ‘Beauty School Dropout’ going through my head! :roflhard:

LOL! I know, that’s all I think of when I tell people I used to attend beauty school, but, dropped out 'cause the school sucked…lol…That update is older, and it looks like I won’t be able to go for at least another year. I have no one to watch my son throughout the week, not enough money for daycare, and, no one to pick up my daughter from school :frowning: However, when my son starts school next year, and, hubby is out of school, also next year, I should have the time to go then.