Beautiful yarn, no pattern

I bought 10 skeins of 50% alpaca 50%wool 50grms each.
sage in color. I am thinking it 3-1/14 needles

I have searched and searched for a pattern to make something with this yarn but have become unsuccessful.

I bought this yarn on ebay and now I can’t get the same lot number.

I would love to make a great item, but do not want to waste it on a small item…

does anyone have any ideas???

A little shrug? A shawl? A hat, scarf, gloves set?

How about a shawl?

Yes, with that much yarn you can get a decent size shawl since you can use larger needles for a lacier pattern - 4 or 4.5 mm.

I was kinda hoping someone had a lacy cardigan pattern for that amount of yarn… oh well.

For some reason I can not stand shawls… hmmm maybe I need some knitting counseling!! :roflhard:
Thanks for your help.

I’m scanning through my bookmarks…let’s see what I have. hmm…

There’s this. It’s a lacy poncho, #251.

Here’s a lacy cardi.

This one’s really pretty.

That’s all I have. Hope it helps.

Love this one… THANKS!!!

There are some lacy cardis at -