Beautiful Shell Stitch



This is called The Truly Shell Stitch and is a free crochet pattern but I can’t find the pattern and I don’t understand the “tutorial” Can someone please help me?


I’m sorry to take your time::cry:. I think I found my own answer at this link I literally spent hours looking for this pattern today and in my desperation I posted here. I hope some of you will checkout this version of the shell stitch . It’s quite unique.


This is stunningly beautiful and yet another reason to learn to crochet!!:heart_eyes:
I tried the link in your post but it wouldn’t open for me (this happens often - I’m not ‘techy’ enough to understand why or what to do about it lol, others may not encounter any difficulties)


Worth the time to see this lovely version of shell stitch.
(The link worked, possibly due to the Microsoft pixies.)


Wonderful crochet pattern. The intricate method reminds me of doily patterns but applied to the larger rectangular form of a blanket. Thank you for the link.