Beautiful Bloom

My DM and DF passed away three years ago this January. Last year, I went back to the old home place and found a rosebush I had brought for my mother for Mother’s Day struggling to survive. My DH and I rescued the plant with little hope of saving it. The picture below is the first bloom of the season.

My mother’s favorite color was orange/peach.
It just warms the heart. :smiley:

How appropriate for you to post this week-end. I have a similar rose on the side of my home and it is always the first and last to bloom. It’s wonderful to have that rose as a remembrance. They’re so tricky to transplant. She must have been helping you.

As I get older, I find I miss my mom more than ever (and it’s been 11 years). But, I like to think she’s still near tho’ unseen.

(((((((((((( :XX: :XX: ))))))))))))))))))))) who have lost their mom’s and are remembering them this weekend and always.