Beatrix Potter Knitting

I’m desperately looking for any Beatrix Potter’s patterns designed by Alan Dart (Woman’s weekly 1998). In his website he says that those patterns will NOT be re issue due to expired licensing or something like that. I saw a few on ebay from Australia and the UK. Does any one in the US has these patterns that I could borrow or puchase? Thanks!

No longer have the patterns

Thank you Josette59, you’re an angel!

I would love to see pictures. Sadly I had no idea these exsisted. I love betrice potter!


Amazon is selling them!!!:muah:

Thank you so much HAINANGEL2000 for the amazon suggestion I just checked it, the book has knitting patterns for sweaters and other things with adorable Potter’s characters! (a couple of items in the book look “80’s”!).

I love to knit, have no time, so I collect patterns and fantasize about making them. Sound familiar? I love toy patterns. Alan Dart is my hero!

If trading patterns is acceptable I’d love to do that as well. I’ve never done that so I don’t know if it is appropriate. I’m sure someone will let me know!



Technically the copyright on patterns prevents sharing and I suspect trading is included since you could have made the pattern and then giving it someone else is the same as sharing.

We do have designers on this site as well as ones who occasionally check it so it’s not recommended to talk about sharing a copyrighted pattern on a public website. Both KH and you could get into trouble.

Josette, putting your email in a public forum is not wise. We have spambots trolling the forum all the time and they grab email addresses and add you to the list for spamming. Ick.

I would love to get some Beatrix Potter patterns also Jan,I am a New Zealand lady living in Kentucky

check your library. I just checked the book out and i’m going to be scanning in a few of the patterns for my own use (i do this with some knitting books that i only want 1 or 2 patterns out… check out the book, scan it in for later)

Could you give the name of the books? I’m sure it would help. :thumbsup:

it’s [U]The Beatrix Potter knitting book [/U]

found it on amazon at

My local library has it too. I highly recommend checking it out at your library. SO much cheaper than buying the whole book for only one or two patterns.

Would like to just add…the Beatrice Potter Book on Amazon is by someone called Pat Menchini and the book does NOT contain the toys that everyone would like to knit. It is also Extremely dated when it comes to the sweaters anyway.

The knitting patterns that are rare to find, that are in demand and the ones by ALAN DART.

Many of Alan Dart’s patterns are on Ravelry. Have you checked there?

This is a really old thread. :lol: I would imagine the OP is no longer interested or has solved the problem.

Alan Dart’s patterns can’t be purchased on Ravelry, nor can the 5 free ones be downloaded there. The link goes to his website.

Hi do you still have any of the Alan dart patterns?

Alan Dart patterns are generally purchased. Giving out the patterns would be a copyright infringement. The best bet would be to go to his website. Also I found these that are free -