Beanie with circular needles

I’d like to give it a try to knitting my first beanie with circular needles and I’m not using any particular pattern. What I don’t get is how is it that it will be seamless, which by the way is what I want. What do I have to do. Hope my question doesn’t sound too silly, but I’m confused. :wink:

Not silly at all! I suggest you take a look at this “pattern” which is really more of a hat recipe so you can figure out many to cast on.

So… the hat/beanie is seamless because it’s knit on circular needles. After you cast on the appropriate number of stitches you join so you’ll be working around and around. You don’t turn your work like you do when knitting flat. At some point you will start decreasing and and soon the stitches won’t fit on the needle so you’ll have to use DPNs or use two circulars or magic loop. Using DPNs is easy at this point so I’d give them a try to get used to them.

To make a hat in the round you need a 16 in circular needle, OR if you would like to try it you can do it with magic loop or two circs. Here’s some videos/tutorials to check out before you start.
These two are excellent and the best help IMO.

A few more.

Ok, with all these videos and tutorials I guess there is no excuse. Thank you so very much and wish me luck, because quite frankly I have the feeling I’m going into the twilight zone or something very similar:teehee:

So I did try to knit the beanie with the circulars. I started casting on 80 st, and everything was sort of smooth going until, I don’t know if the string is too long or what, but the stitches at some point started getting very stretched out, to the point that they became so tight the string curled up and so you can all visualize it, looked like a turkey tail, all fanned out:roflhard: Now… only because I’m not a quitter will try buying another pair of needles, maybe with a smaller string and give it another try. Hope this one works. What do you think could have gone wrong? Please help!

The previous poster told you that you need 16 inch circulars. If yours are the standard 24 or 29 inch, they are too long, after all your head is about 20 to 22 inches and you need your hat to fit snugly next to your ears, so check your needle, if it’s too long use DPNs or get another needle.

I make hats with 24 or longer needles. What you can do is like a magic loop: when you go to join and there’s not enough sts to meet, pinch the cord about halfway around, and pull it through the sts, making a loop. Push the sts toward the ends and make the join. When you get to where the cord is, pull it out again on the other side, and keep doing it as you go along. I try to pull it out in different spots so it doesn’t stretch the st out at the same place. After a couple inches you may not need to do this anymore.

I knit hats for preemie babies and use a tiny 30cm circular needle which is ideal…
I got this pattern and relevent info from a lady in Kansas who we met through Knitting Magazine and have since become very dear email friends.