Beanie help


This is my first time posting…!

I know how to make very simple beanies with different color stripes.
And i just learned how to do a double sided scarf with this star pattern.
And what I want is to combine the two things…

I want to make a black beanie with a red fist on it.
Is there a certain way to do it on circular needles?

Pointing me to a pattern would be cool…

Thank you!

Do you want the beanie reversible (a la the double sided scarf)? If not, you can make a black beanie and work the fist image in red duplicate stitch (existing posts on this topic on KH). This would be easiest in terms of placement, sizing.

Assuming you’ve done your previous beanies on circs, this wouldn’t be any different.

thank you very much!
i learned most of my knitting from youtube videos,
so i don’t know the specific terms.
I’m off to go learn this duplicate stitch thingy…