Beanie hat with words on brim

So I have a friend that wants three beanie hats for him and his two boys that have words on the brim of the hat when folded up… since the brim is typically ribbed to avoid curling, I can’t do my normal duplicate stitches or fair isle words. He does not want it doubled (I have one pattern where it’s essentially an egg and you put one side inside the other so you can hide any back work). I was thinking about maybe doing double knitting for just the brim having the words inverted for when the brim is down and then building the rest of the hat in normal stitches. Just seems like there might be a better way though :\

Any suggestions or recommendations or patterns are 100% welcome, please and thank you!!! I’ve tried searching but haven’t been able to find any patterns

I just woke up and I might be a bit grumpy but I think he is demanding too much. Do you really want to do a such hat?

When reading the description it sounds like there is no other way to get it somehow OK than doing some embroidery on top of some kind of reversible stitch in order to avoid double layers and an ugly backside.

For reversible stitch you could use seed, moss, garter or even rib stitches as long as you block it fully stretched. Of course other reversible stitches are also possible.

EDIT: I need to add that from the description I assume that the rim will sometimes be folded and sometimes not. If the rim will always be folded then there are other solutions.

Well… the whole point of my business is to do custom knits for people (while also teaching people with anxiety/depression/ptsd/etc to knit)… so I take things like this hat as a challenge and successfully achieved my goal :smiley: I ended up doing a crocheted provisional cast on and then doubled just the brim in stockinette. that way only the brim was doubled and with a lighter yarn plus being stockinette, not ribbed, it’s not too thick or hot. Got my adorable son to show it off lol. Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.40.39 PM

He is indeed a handsome fellow! Well done in meeting the challenge on the hat.

Knitting is a wonderful stress reliever and a good way to relax. And as a bonus you have a hat or a scarf or whatever you wish.

Absolutely… it’s so meditative and cathartic … plus with the people I’m teaching, we apply those stress and anxiety reliever skills in a safe environment… and i teach 100% free so that if they end up really enjoying it and get good at it, they can knit for the business… it’s been a great experience helping people

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