Beanie FO's!

I finished this beanie last night and am super proud! I made it with a merino alpaca wool blend! I love it and it is soooo soft!:woot: :woohoo: cloud9 :blooby:

Oops…forgot the pic. :teehee:

… on her head in her avatar image?[/COLOR]

Well yes, but she had bigger photos on her thread in the blog forum. I suggested she post in here so more people would see it. :thumbsup:

I was sure I posted some of the photos.:noway: I will post them as soon as I get home from my grandmother’s house! Sorry!!!:doh: :gah:

Cute hat!

:woot: :woot: Thank you here are the actual pics I meant to post on here!


Very cute, and looks great on you!

Nice to see you got some pictures up. Good job. You are doing nice work.

Nice job! You’re doing great work so far … I first started knitting when I was probably about your age, but I think the most I accomplished at that point was an enormous garter stitch scarf (I still have it, but the thing is so gigantic it’s basically unwearable! :roflhard: )

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

It’s very pretty! Looks really nice on you too - great color! :thumbsup:

Cool stuff!

Great job! It turned out great!! Love the color and it looks sooo soft!

Thank you everyone!:aww: I really like it! now I just need to figure out what to do next!:think:

That looks great! You picked a pretty color, too, and it looks so warm and cozy. Well done!