Beanie for soldier

I want to knit a beanie and scarf for a soldier stationed in Afghanistan…ideas please?

They’ll probably only be able to wear it on the FOB (forward operating base) and not while they’re out on missions, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate it anyway! It gets pretty cold at night in Afghanistan. I recommend you use washable wool in darker or earthtone colors.

Actually, I don’t know if you’re a sock knitter, but socks will probably be more useful to them than a scarf.

You’ll have to check with certain charity organizations before you send it as to what’s acceptable. They’re always knit in dark colors in acrylics, as wools are flammable. They had a project going for a while where knitters were sending helmet liners. This group is no longer accepting contributions because the military is providing their own liners according to their standards now. Check out this group.

No, that is backwards. Soldiers need natural fibers and wool stays warm even when wet. These were the recommendations made by the USO when soldiers were still allowed to wear beanies under their helmets while out on missions. I just confirmed it with my husband who’s home for breakfast.

That’s right, wool does NOT burn. But acrylic will. It burns and melts and will stick to their skin. Not a good thing.

Yes, you’re right on the wool/acrylic thing. I stand corrected. I must have been thinking about preemie hats. There the nurses want acrylics rather than wool. Sorry. You’re right.