Beanie for Dreadlocks - HELP PLEASE!

So I am new to circular knitting and am in general a pretty beginner knitter but learn really quickly! As a gift, I am trying to knit someone a beanie for their long dreadlocks. My question is, how many inches tall would you advanced knitters out there suggest the rim of the beanie be, and should I be adding stitches after the rim to make more room for the dreadlocks as I knit a longer beanie, or just simply continue knitting and make the pattern longer before i begin rows of knitting stitches together to cap the beanie and hope my yarn will have enough stretch for space for the locks ??

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There are different ways of working these hats. Here are some ideas from Ravelry.

You might be able to look at some examples of messy bun hats for ideas too.