Bean stitch

I finally found a website that shows Bean Stitch without having to download and install an ebook.

I can’t figure out the difference between it and a Puff Stitch, which I have found often but never tried, but it looks like the Puff Stitch doesn’t lay over and the Bean Stitch does.


It does seem to be similar to a puff stitch, I found an antique pattern (believed to be public domain) at

Here is my transcription of the instructions for the bean stitch.

The bean-stitch is made thus: (Thread over, insert hook in space, draw thread through to length of a treble) 8 times, over and draw through all the loops at once, over and draw through the stitch remaining, tightly, to close the cluster. (“Child’s Crocheted Bonnet with Star Crown,” Hege, W. C., Needlecraft, March 1916, Vol. 7)

Noted differences is the number of repeats and length of the loops drawn up. ([[I]YO[/I]], insert hook in same [[I]base stitch[/I]], draw up a loop to [B]length of a treble[/B]) [B]8 times[/B], YO and draw through all loops on hook, ch 1, tightly, to close cluster.
Since throughout that pattern, the author uses ch 4 and then treble to start each round I believe it is the US treble. The length of the loops in this bean stitch are made to match that the other stitches in the round. The [B]number of repeats[/B] could be required because the pattern uses crochet thread (“number 10 or number 15”) or to make it a more pronounced and fuller shape. (more like a bean.)

NexStitch describes a [U][B]Puff stitch[/B][/U] as 3 to 5 HDC cluster in same base stitch, and a chain to close tightly. I read two [U][B]alternate finishes on eHow[/B][/U]: Alternate 1, Make a single crochet stitch to finish off the puff stitch; Alternate 2, pull the yarn through 5 [[I]sic[/I]] of the 7 loops on your hook, then YO and draw through last 2 [[I]sic[/I]]loops on your hook. (**Note if you pull through 5 of 7 loops on hook then you will have three loops to pull through after the YO, so one of numbers is incorrect.) :roll:

So I’d say the puff and the bean stitches are similar with a puff being fewer repeats of the HDC in the cluster (all in same base stitch at the bottom and drawn together at the top at the finish. Whereas the Bean stitch would be more repeats and closed tightly with a following ch st.

The instructions you linked would give a sc + 2 hdc cluster (6 loops) closed tightly with a following ch st.

Puff (3 to 5 HDC cluster)
Bean (6 to 8 HDC cluster, pulled tight with ch)


Great explanation Jack! I’ve been poking around looking at the two different stitches myself since this question was posted, but haven’t had time to sit down and work out the differences.



LOL, thanks. It was more thinking by typing.

I must have viewed twenty pages and at least five videos or image sequences before I though of it as “clustering HDC” sts. Most said a Puff was exactly 3 HDC. NextStitch gave the range of 3 to 5 and that vintage childs bonnet was fine thread and clustered 8.

[SIZE=“1”]( No yarn was stitched during the editing of my previous post. )[/SIZE]
When I had that thought in response to your comment, “haven’t had time to sit down and work it out,” it sounded to me like some SPCA or PETA disclaimer but for yarn. :slight_smile:

–Jack :guyknitting:

This one has the Puff finishing off like a double.

(Puff st: yarn over needl, insert in st and pull loop up the length of a dc, * yarn over needle, insert in same st and pull loop up the same length, repeat from *, yarn over and pull through all loops on needle but one, yarn over and pull through 2 loops)

The instructions for Bean Stitch Freevintagecrochet has are the same as what I have in an ebook from a 1904 book, Utopia Yarn Book.
Which is found here (free), It has a lot of old stitches. It’s both knit and crochet.

I know from doing the Bean Stitch you can freely adjust how many loops you have on the hook to get puffier or less puffy beans. They still look like beans.
I think the key to the difference is how they are finished off. At least when I make beans I close them tight.
But I still don’t really know why the Puff Stitches in the afghan at Freevintage look to be standing up, except if finished off like a DC would not pull them over like the Bean being finished with a chain.
I’d probably have to do it to understand it.
The pictures linked from How to Make also show the puff standing up.

I’m leery of sites that don’t have them both figuring that somewhere along the way between “vintage” and now the two stitches have been confused and melded together.

I wonder why the Bean Stitch went away? I love the thing.
With a double strand and a huge hook it makes great hot pads. Single strand makes a cool border.

I just tried the two as they are at Freevintagecrochet.
The way they have it with pulling through all but the last two loops, yo and pull through last two vs pull through all and chain is definitely why the Puff Stitch doesn’t lean and the Bean Stitch does.

I’m going to have to figure up a granny square using Bean or even both.

Excellent research plus experimentation.

It’s like reviving a “lost” stitch from history.

Mike, who taught you the bean stitch or where did you first find it used?


I found it in the Eastmon ebook I posted above.
My main crochet goal is thick and heavy blankets. I haven’t made a whole blanket out of the stitch but I did make a scarf out of it.
Yorkshire is another crochet stitch I like from that book.