Beaded yarn

Does anyone know of some yarn like the above with beads at a lesser price. It doesn’t need to be silk.

Over on the patterns section some posted this really cute dress pattern that uses this type of yarn.

Also anyone that could help with sizing up would be sent many thanks? I would love to knit this for my daughters birthday in July.

How about stringing beads on to the yarn yourself? That’s basically what that yarn is, isn’t it? Then you could choose the bead colour along with yarn colour/type, giving you more options. It would probably be less expensive too.

How would you go about doing that?

You can slip a bead on a crochet hook, and then hook the st off the needle, slip the bead onto the st, and replace the stitch on the needle. This gives you the option of placing the bead where you want.
Some people merely thread beads on yarn, but that always seems to me to be too labour intensive.

(You can slip a bead on a crochet hook, and then hook the st off the needle, slip the bead onto the st, and replace the stitch on the needle.) Exactly how I do it. The setback for this is that the hole in the bead has to be large enough for the hook to pass through.

You can take a separated strand of yarn and thread them onto it as well. It is tedious…remember that the expensive pre-beaded stuff is that costly for this very reason. I don’t think they do it by hand and it’s probably done with the bead only on one or several strands. They are also done randomly and to assimulate the pre-beaded yarn, you’d need to do the same thing.

Another option is to knit the entire garment, then randomly sew beads on with a small beading needle and some very strong thread. Beading needles are very sharp and long, allowing you to put very small beads onto the garment. Quilting thread is the best, reliable choice, but is thick and might not thread into the beading needle eye. Silk thread is another good choice, silk being extremely strong. It will be tedious but will turn out very nicely. Good luck! Hope you go for it and I’d love to see it finished! Mary

If I can figure out how to size the pattern up I think I will go for it, sewing the beads on after knitting with silk thread, I have done that will traditional sewing. (hand beading my wedding veil with my Mom and some other items with not so many beads. What I really need is a good yarn sell:aww: All the beaded yarn I have found is silk are there any that are not silk?

Yes, you just need to stick with a yarn that will drape well. The yarn descriptions may tell you that. I google “Draping Yarn” and got a few hits. One they suggest is linen, so any form of linen might work. Dk weight cotton blends drape well. Most silk blends will work and be less expensive, too>

Mary Maxim has or had - not sure whether or not they still have it - a yarn called Beadnik