Bea Ellis hat kit?

So I keep seeing these gorgeous Bea Ellis hats on people’s blogs, made from these kits. I WANT.

I’ve never done fair isle before but am itching to learn. Does anyone know if this would be a reasonable first fair isle project?

Anyone here made one of these? What are your thoughts about it?

My favorites are: traditional, let it snow, and kristen. Anyone care to vote between those three: which do you like best? which do you think would be most manageable for a fair isle newbie?

I’m thinking of asking for this for Christmas, to make for myself in January, but I thought I’d get a few opinions first.

It’s only two colors, so it won’t be hard. The traditional has the patterning around the band, mostly, so it will be the easiest pattern. Let it Snow will be more difficult to follow because the patterning goes up into the decreases. That said, my choice is Let It Snow. :teehee:

Thanks for posting this! I am going to buy the kit for “Horse”. My six year old will adore it! :heart:

I really like the traditonal one!! Have to keep this in mind after Christmas and get a kit… :cheering:

I vote for Let it Snow, as I love the pattern. I hope it’s easy enough as a new project, because I want to buy it along with Flenton. I think I’ll felt the kit yarn, and sub something softer.

Find some more yarn & patterns so I can buy more gifts for ME!

ENable ME, ENable ME :cheering: :cheering:

No one voted for Kristen? Thats my fave!

me too

Ooooo those are pretty! My favorites are traditional, nordic and reindeer. :teehee:

I’m still torn between all three and keep going back and forth about which is my fave. But I’m glad y’all think it would be manageable for a fair isle newbie.

Compulsive, is Heilo yarn not particularly soft? I’ve no experience with it at all…

Just wanted to update to say that I ordered the traditional hat kit, in the sort of denim blue and white. I thought all three hats were soooo pretty, but finally decided I liked the traditional best.

Those are cool hats!! I like the Kristen best. Here is another cool one:

I like Heilo. :shrug:

Take a wild guess which one I like best. :wink:

tee hee! :teehee: You should get that kit!!

I think the Flenten pattern would look cool also as a pair of slipper socks!