Battery-Run Illuminated Knitting Needles (I'm not kidding!)

Just saw thisin yesterday’s NYT… what will they think of next??? :rollseyes:

:roflhard: perfect for addicted knitters who have to do it in the dark :wink:


They’d probably annoy people in the theater, but on long car rides? I think they would come in handy. You KNOW they were designed by a knitter.

:roflhard: :rofling: ain’t no doubt :roflhard: :rofling:

I wonder if they are extra fragile because of the light inside… I’d be afraid of sitting on them and busting them.

oooh, that is prefect for in the car, or when I want to knit in bed while DH is sleeping :smiley: I don’t think DH would understand, though :rofling:

Hmmmm…that could be FUN! :thinking:

Wow, uh huh, surely some married woman was at home trying to knit in the dark to not disturb her husband…lol…sounds like me however i didnt come up with the idea…

I wonder if they really work? I still think it would be difficult to see your stitches if the yarn was difficult to knit.

Hmmm, if anyone buys these let us all know how you make out…

Rhy :thinking:

I wonder how much extra weight the light would add to the needles?

For the times when only your knitting can light up your life? :thinking: :roflhard:

I think it’s a marvelous idea! Only if they can sell well.

Anya: is your avatar your cat? I love the look…

Yep- that’s Grendel. Meowing as I type :rollseyes: He’s awesome.

OMGosh, I love them. :roflhard: :roflhard: I don’t think I’d be able to convince dh that I need them, though. :wink:

Be still my heart! Those car trips with the husband guy…I won’t complain nearly as much.

lol see them in action here

adds to her want list

Did you see the knitting bag at the Ebay store? I want a purse that lights up when I open it. Think of never having to dig around in the bottom of a purse for your keys or cell again. Ahhhhhhhhhh

haha Nikki I did! I once saw a hand bag that did that in Strand Bags in Sydney, Australia. I ummed and ahhed about it for too long and in the end walked away. To this very day I wish I had bought it - am tempted to go visit my brother in Australia again just so I can shop at Strand Bags in the Queen Victoria Building :roflhard:

My most wonderful daughter in law is from Oz. I may have to give her a shopping list for her next trip home-or email a list to her mum. There is this Austrailian tea that I love too. Good reason for her to make a trip home, don’t `cha think? :wink:

:roflhard: Nikki! Sounds like a plan to me grin I’m actually thinking I should email my brother and see when his wife is next going shopping :wink: