Batman cape

I know a little boy that loves batman and wanted to make him a cape…any one have any patterns or suggestions?
I was going to make a huge bib and try to insert the batman bat logo with intarsia; never done it before, no promises. Guess I should do a knit edging and st. stitch for the intarsia, right?

c’mon one of you has to have an idea?!

Maybe you can use this program. I have never used it…still new to knitting here…but if you find a picture of batman you could come up with the cape pattern yourself…

thank you

Just a thought here.

I’m thinking it may be easier to just sew one. That is if you have a sewing machine. There is also a product out there that you just iron to make seams and to attach other fabric pieces. That would eliminate the need for a machine anyways. I used that for a curtain for a little closet and it worked like a charm. :wink:

Too bad, I used to have a cape from my boys when they were smaller. They used to run around the house and jump off the couch to “fly”. Goof balls! :smiley:

Hmmm, I should look once, it may still be around. It was from a Halloween costume that my boys outgrew.

I had considered that too, sewing one up, but I already have the black and yellow yarn. Maybe I can trace the batman logo, shrink it and do a hat for him-that was the original plan. Hummmmm. I only have till the end of the month; guess I’d better make up my mind. :thinking:

I googled batman knitting chart, and found this:

I don’t know if that’s what you had in mind, but it is Batman.


thank you

I found the batman logo a couple of weeks ago. I’ll see if I can find where I found it!!! I’m doing a sweater for my soon to be six year old grandson. Off to find it for you!!! samm

Found it! But I don’t know the easiest way to get you to it. I went to and then to her entry on June 3, 2006. It’s back a page in her journal. Or maybe two pages. Hope this helps!!! :smiley: samm

I know at my wal-mart they sell batman and superman capes in the toy aisle for $3. Just a thought !! :smiley:

thanks I think that’s what Im going to end up doing, buying one at WalMart, mainly because I’m unsure of myself and my abilities to do intarsia. I’ve read many articles and am still scared; I guess. Thanks for all your ideas.

A year ago we had a superhero party. I used pieces of flannel, cut with pinking shears as capes. The kids just tucked the capes into the back neck of their shirts and voilia! Superhero capes. If the capes slipped a bit, I fastened it with “cape clips” (those metal hair barrettes that you flip into place)

Being as I also have TWO superhero affectionados in my house–may I recommend that you also make a few red capes? You’ll never know how often they come in handy and it’s nice to have a few extra for friends and siblings.