Hi all, Can someone tell me what the Batkus stitch is all about? I have googled it and cannot find directions. To me it just seems to be the garter stitch. What am I missing. Kathy

From what I can tell from this Ravelry page (, it’s not a stitch, but rather a scarf design. Here’s what this site says about the [B]batkus scarf:[/B]

"This is my version of a scarf that was all over the Norwegian blogs a couple of years ago.

The principle is to take one or a couple of skeins, and knit a triangle using your exact amount of yarn.
A good way to use up one of those single skeins of sock yarn in bright colours.
It works with any kind of yarn, but I prefer a less than bulky yarn.

This is a garter stitch scarf. If you make it in stockinette stitch, you will have the Karius version.

[B]Karius and Baktus are two characters in a Norwegian children’s classic.[/B]"

It’s not a stitch but a scarf pattern that’s a wide shallow triangle. Done a little larger it can be a small shawl. It’s the name of the original pattern, named after a character in a norwegian fairy tale; though many people call that style of scarf a baktus, it’s only applicable to the original.

Thanks for your answers. I really tho’t it was a stitch. LOL