Basketweave stitch


I’m trying to do basketweave stitch using the minimum number of stitches required to give my work the weaved look.

I’ve used these [COLOR=red][/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR] two pages to help me but I’m trying to do it 2 by 1 rather than 8 by 5 like on these patterns and it’s not coming out right. I also want it to look the opposite on the reverse side.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t know if 2x1 is enough for it show as basketweave, but I haven’t tried it. What do you mean it’s not coming out? That you have the wrong number at the end? You need to figure out what multiple it is and CO that many. I think a 2x1 would be a multiple of 3.

I agree with Jan, I think 2 x 1 is too narrow. It might look similar to seed stitch. I would guess nothing less than 3x3 for the detail to show. :think:

Ok, so if I use 3 x 3 how do I do it to make it show as rectangles crossing each other/interweaving? And can I make it look the same on the reverse side?

The trick to making them look like interweaving is to separate each section with a knit row. The pattern is not reversible.

The links you gave both have a different effect. The 3x3 would give you a look more like the second link (woven). To create the look of basketweave like the first link you’d need to do an odd number like the p3 k5 they use on that sample.

You could try the Pie Crust Basketweave. This stitch looks like the lattice work on a pie crust, going over and under.

Multiple of 8 sts plus 10

Rows 1 and 3: (WS) K4,*P2, k6; rep from *, end p2, k4.
Row 2: P4, *K2, p6; rep from *, end k2, p4.
Row 4: Knit
Rows 5 and 7: K8,*p2, k6; rep from *, end p2, k8
Row 6: P8, *k2, p6; rep from *, end k2, p8.
Row 8: Knit
Rep rows 1-8

Thanks everyone,

I’ll try your suggestions but I probably won’t make my project with it because I’d need a reversable pattern.

It’s just this scarf I saw on TV a while back and it really cought my attention, it was so special. It was made out of a single multi colour yarn and when they showed a close up I could see it had a very small basketweave effect. It was unique and colourful.


nannaknits…do you know of an image of that pattern you so kindly offered? I’d like to see a visual if possible,

The pattern is number 33 on page 27 out of Vogue Knitting Stitichinonary. Here is a website where it was made into a pillow. Scroll down a bit to see the pillow.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that it is in Volume one of the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary.

Tamar, why couldn’t you make a scarf in the round so the pattern would always be visible? A fingerling or baby yarn perhaps… Just a thought!