Basketweave in 2 colours

I was wondering if anyone can help me to basketweave stitch in 2 colours, such as in this photo ? I love this blanket, but I want to use a different yarn. Can anyone help? How would you make it so that it’s not all loopy when you’re knitting with the opposite colour? :??
Thanx in advance!

Your link goes to the main page. Which afghan is it? I couldn’t find anything that said basketweave.

Bah! Sorry!
Go to the Canadian side of the Mary Maxim page, and search for the Baby Basketweave Afghan. It’s a kit that comes in pink or blue.
Thanks for looking!
Kendra :thumbsup:

The squares of that afghan are crocheted together, which is why you get the holes.

This site has a lot of free baby afghan patterns (knit) to go through.

WHAT??? How on earth would anyone have the patience to crochet all of that together?
It looks like traditional basketweave stitch to me, but in 2 colours. I thought maybe there was a slip-stitch way of doing it, maybe?
Thanks for the link. I’ll definately look thru the patterns there. If I can’t find something, I guess I’ll order the kit.

I’m pretty certain that’s all knit… not crocheted together.

One of the reasons I thought crochet was that they called for crochet hooks as additionally needed supplies.

Yeah, but it says the crochet hook is needed for the border. :wink:

OK :wink: