Basic translation help needed please?

Chronically unwell and have rediscovered the joys of knitting. I have what is termed a very basic pattern and am using YouTube tutorials to help me through techniques. I have hit a roadblock as I can’t understand the terminology in my pattern. I have completed the row that states:
k21, k2 tog, yfwd, P1, yfwd, sl1, K1, paso, K to end
Underneath it says
Work this and all foll WS in st st as set,

Subsequent rows are odd numbered, so I assume I do whatever this means on the even rows.
Please could someone explain in basic, idiot guide’s English what this means?
Thank you.

It looks like you alternate knitting in stockinette with the patterned row. Can you give us a pattern name and provide a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern itself. Having a pattern name and/or link helps us answer.

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So does that mean I just do a full row of plain purl for those rows as the ones preceding them are based on knit stitches?

The even rows are basically purl including the yarn overs. The only exception is the line of stitches in the middle of the lace diamond. These are worked as purl sts on the right side or odd rows and worked as knit sts on the wron side or even rows.

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Thank you. I think I may almost understand. In longhand would that mean that I knit the following:
P21, P2 tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, Sl1, P1, psso, P to end

Sorry to be asking what may seem a very basic question. I can work out how to do the stitches, but don’t have the knowledge yet to enable me to work out exactly which stitch I do when.
Thank you.

The purl rows in this pattern won’t have the yarn over or yfwd increases or the decreases. The even rows will be almost completely purl Sts.

The only exception will be the center stitch in the lace diamond which will be a knit stitch on these even rows and the 2 sts on either side of it which are purled through the back loop. (Actually, you could forget about p tbl and just purl these sts.

This is a very good question because it gets to a basic skill. It’s helpful to learn to read your knitting. In many cases when you see a V, knit it. When you see a bump, purl it. This will become clearer as you work the first few rows of this pattern. It might help for now to put a marker before that center stitch (the one purled on the knit rows and knit on the purl rows).

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Thank you for that!
Looking forward to carrying on with it now.

@Jan_in_CA is correct with each wrong side row being Stockinette stitch (St St).

I would keep in mind that the WS st st would be P across.

(Oops. I started this reply last night and left it in edit mode all night.)

It is a pretty pattern.

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