Basic toe up sock

Hello friends, I am so disappointed with this sock pattern. It appears that from the foot it goes to heal flap, then heal turn , but no gusset instructions at all . It jumps right to the leg, but it looks terrible if I follow that. Most patterns have instructions for gusset, but this one does not. Can I add it ??? The pattern is from “Universal Yarn Pattern collection accessories. It is a free pattern.

Not all toe up socks have a gusset but having does seem to make for a better fit. The Universal pattern doesn’t have one.
There are toe up patterns with a gusset which Staci explains in this video.

It’s not a pattern for these socks but the explanation may help you insert a gusset into your pattern.
Here’s a pattern, toe up with a gusset.

Thank you so much Salmonmac, I was not aware that toe up socks don’t always have gussets, I will be more careful next time when choosing a pattern. I will try your suggested resources.
Thanks again

That Basic Toe Up Sock pattern makes me cringe. I do my socks toe up with a gusset and knit to fit. My personal gusset to fit my foot is for a very high plus instep. I learned to do gusseted toe up socks from this pattern.

Doing a heel as in this pattern (or others) works cuff down too. It eliminates the need for knitting an actual flap and picking up stitches on the sides.

If you’re new to toe up socks you might as well learn how to do knit to fit and toss the basic patterns and stitch counts. You can learn how to use any heel you want, use any weight yarn (my first pair was warm house socks in worsted acrylic), and fit any foot. From there you can adapt published patterns for their stitch patterns or just add your own cables or other designs. There are other knit to fit patterns and how to’s besides this one. I think one is called Straight Up Socks.

Knitting toe up socks with customized heels and toes (good grief, how many ways are there to do toes?) isn’t rocket science or brain surgery. Your own creativity is the only limit I can think of. Unless you run out of yarn. :wink: I always go for the easiest way to accomplish the desired FO. YMMV of course. Some people want or need step by step instruction and that’s OK, just not for me.

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What a disappointment and frustration! I, too, vote for Liat Gat. I learned from her and have created my own recipe and switch out stitch patterns. The gusset and Fleegle heel are so easy to memorize! I have a high instep and will only use the Fleegle heel. In addition to Fingering Faux-Heel-Flap Toe-Up Socks, check out
I tested the link and it takes you right to the pattern. There are many other helps on the site which is

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Hi Beth, Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated, what a great resource you are, I checked the link and it takes me right to the pattern, so I will try adding the gusset to my sock using that pattern . I am working with a total of 60 sts. and I am finished with the foot. So I will be working only on 30 sts for my heel. Wish me good luck❤️

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