Basic pat question, pls

Hi Everyone,

A newbie here with a question. Pat reads:

Work in garter st for 10 rows. Then, work in seed stitch until piece reachs 5 1/2 " from beg.

Dec row 1 (RS). Work 6 sts, double dec, work 35 sts, double dec, work 17–4 sts dec’d and there are 60 sts. Work even for 6 1/2".

I want to know if I start this row in garter st or seed st which was the last st mentioned.

Thanks for your help!:slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to KH!
I think it would be in the seed st as well…since that is last st mentioned :thumbsup:

I vote for seed stitch too, but you might be able to tell by looking at the picture.

Does the pattern go back to doing garter stitch at this point? If so maybe you could do the decrease row in garter stitch, since that is the simpler stitch, but since the seed stitch is the last given that is probably how it is written. You would keep doing seed stitch until it told you otherwise.

Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately, I think it should be seed stitch also since there is not another stitch mentioned on this piece. It is the left front piece of a long jacket. Thanks again. I will be… :knitting: