Basic dishcloth or dishrag

I got this pattern off the internet, where it’s called “Idiot-proof” but I’m not sure it is.

I managed to use the wrong-size needles (7 instead of 9) and it seems too small. (this is halfway, I’m supposed to begin decreasing not) I’m wondering if I can just knit a few plain rows in the middle, to enlarge it but not at the edges to widen it…kwim?

I bought a huge ball of this cotton yarn at a great price, couldn’t resist.

What kind of dishcloths do you knit? There are so many patterns…

If the size is too small for you, I’d just keep knitting in pattern until it’s the right size - then start decreasing. BTW I usually always use size 6 or 7 needles when knitting dishcloths. Depending on my mood or who I’m knitting for, I have enjoyed all kinds of patterns. I love the lacy look especially for face cloths, but love the ones with specific shapes in the pattern too (i.e. dolphin, dog paw, house, etc.)

ok, will do. Thanks Wanda.

i’ve used that pattern on many different yarns and different sized needles

it is easy to change the size, just repeat in pattern until you get the size you want :slight_smile:

i am currently using this pattern with very bulky yarn, and LARGE needles (cant remember the size of the top of my head)… but i am making a blanket with it! so far it is 3 feet across

I’ve made these, too. It’s measured from the corner to the needle if you want to get the width of the square.

I was concerned that if I kept increasing, it would be long and skinny somehow, but I guess it will be square, no matter how many stitches I add on.

No, it keeps growing as a triangle, then when you decrease, it gets shaped into a square.