Baseball Jacket pattern by Debbie Bliss

Hi all,
This pattern has been great but I’m now stuck on the collar.

I have put the first 15 stitches of the row onto my right hand needle and then knitted across the rest of the stitches to the very last 15 (which remain on my left hand needle).

The pattern now asks me to slip 1 and turn. My question is what do I do here? If I slip 1 of the 15 stitches from my left needle onto my right needle, then just turn and carry on knitting in the other direction surely that slipped stitch may as well have just remained sitting next to those 15 stitches as effectively nothing has actually happened to it. I was wondering whether the pattern means for me to wrap and turn, but as you are changing colours frequently, spots of the wrong colour appear in the wrong places.

I’d be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
I’ve made this little sweater and the collar works out very nicely as given. Yes, nothing happens to that slipped stitch until you turn and work it on the next row. That incorporates one of the 15 edge sts into the collar each time you work a row.

After you have turned, do you do anything at all with that slipped stitch? The way that I’m reading it, it may as well just carry on sitting with the remaining 15 stitches until I knit over it two rows later. I’m not sure why it needs slipping at all.

So just to clarify, after I have slipped and turned, do I do anything at all with that slipped stitch?

Sorry to be so dense. I’m sure it’s very some once you know how.

At the end of the first row, slip stitch #15 from the left needle to the right needle, turn and purl that slipped stitch. It’s going to be worked right away.
It may help to work this with the sts on the needle. You’ll see that after the turn the slipped stitch has become the first stitch on the now left hand needle. It’s worked as a P1 at the very beginning or row 2.

Ah right okay - thank you, it’s beginning to make sense.

So just one more question to make sure I get this absolutely right.

I’ve got to those last 15 stitches. The wool I’m working with is currently at the back of the work as I’m doing knit stitches. Presumably I leave this exactly where it is before slipping that next stitch?
The next row begins with a purl stitch so the working wool is on the correct side of the work once I’ve turned, but it is obviously attached to the stitch on the left hand side of the slipped stitch. Is that correct or should I have moved the working wool so it has gone around to the right hand side of that slipped stitch?

Perhaps I’m completely over complicating matters?

Thank you so much for your help and patience :slight_smile:

Leave the yarn where it is, purl the slipped stitch and continue with the row. Enjoy finishing up and let us see a photo of the jacket!

Brilliant. Thank you so much!!