Barking cat

Funny, but kinda creepy too.

Strange. would be my assessment. Are we to believe that cat is faking a bark to fool something outside into thinking he’s a dog and then reverting to a meow when caught?

Well my skeptical nature tells me it’s an altered audio. It’s so simple to dub in stuff, the cat could trumpet like an elephant too I’m sure.

These days, with the state of the tech world’s innovations, seeing and hearing is not believing. Jean

Jeepers, guess you’re a bit on the serious side. :oo: shrugs just thought it was amusing. There is at least one breed of cat that makes a similar noise instead of meowing like most people are accustomed to. Cats have a very wide range of vocalizations I don’t see why this one couldn’t be too.

I don’t know about a barking cat, but . . .

My cat does a pretty good rendition of “Helllll-ooo”! She usually does this in the morning right outside our bedroom window when she’s trying to determine if anyone’s up and stirring to LET HER IN! Who needs an alarm clock with a kitty like ours?

She also yodels, which is why she’s named Yodel. She does this when she gets caught in a rainstorm or when a front suddenly hits and SHE WANTS IN! With a kitty like ours, who needs to watch the weather? :teehee:

That is a pretty amusing video!

Our collie raised several feral kittens, and when we managed to bring in the next generation, they had a lot of dog mannerisms. They walk at heel, herd things and yes, at least two of them do bark. They sound like Pomeranians, more of a sharp yap-yap than a woof.

Thanks for sharing the video. What a hoot!:roflhard:

One of my favorite cats would play fetch with the small bones from a pork chop and barked when he was upset about something. The rest of the time he’d purr or make no noise at all. His twin had a vocabulary of about 20 English words. shrugs It’s amazing what animals can do. 20 years ago who’d have imagined that dogs could predict epileptic siezures?