Barbie Doll Dress

This was a fast little project for me this month. We’re making toys for our KH Monthly KAL, so I chose to make a dress for one of my poor naked Barbie dolls. :teehee: I found this doll at a consignment store for 50 cents. Her hair was all messed up, so I carefully brushed it out and gave her a conditioning treatment. Now, she looks good as new, and her new handknitted dress makes her look really nice!

I used Bernat Baby yarn, and a free online pattern called “Summer Sorbet Dress for Barbie”.

I think my grand-daughter will enjoy playing with this doll now. :slight_smile:

That’s an adorable dress! She looks cute! :teehee:

Thanks Jan! :slight_smile:

By the way, if anyone wants that pattern, be sure to print it out soon. All Geocities websites are closing down this year.

very pretty dress

Thanks Amy! :slight_smile:

It was an interesting knit. I had to use 4 different size knitting needles. Size 2, 1, 0, and 00.

The pattern called for size 00000 needles, but I didn’t have them. So, I just took all the needles up a size, and made the smallest one 00. It worked just fine. I’m a tight knitter anyway.

Oh my, that dress is gorgeous! I love the colors. And Barbie looks brand new. You took such good care of her. Her hair looks lovely and I’d never guess she had some ‘hair issues’. No wonder she is smiling - she knows she looks good!

Thank you, McKnitty! :muah:
I’m very proud of how well she has turned out.

Here’s how I do the hair conditioning trick:

First, I get the hair wet, and wash it with hair shampoo. Then, I use hair conditioner, and work it through with my fingers. I don’t rinse out the conditioner until I work out the knots and kinks in the doll hair.

Next, I put a big towel on my bed, and sit down with a brush and comb to go to work on the doll’s hair. I start at the hair ends, and work my way up to the top of the doll’s head. Some hair comes loose, but that’s okay. There is plenty of hair on Barbie heads, so she can spare a few. :wink:

By then, the hair is almost dry, so I wet it again to rinse out the conditioner. Then, it’s SO easy to comb. I then balance her, so that she is standing up, and let the hair air dry. It turns out great every time!

I did the same thing with one of those huge Barbie make-up heads. Same thing - found it at a consignment store for real cheap. Her hair turned out beautiful. I gave it to my granddaughter, and she was THRILLED!

Wow, this Barbie got a lotta love! First that beautiful dress knit on teeny tiny needles, then the hair makeover. I really love that you found her at a consignment store and gave her a makeover.

There are probably lots of good dolls/toys out there that just need a little ‘something’ done to make them look like new. I’ve never thought about doing that before, so this is very inspiring!


That’s for sure! The dress is adorable Sandy! I’m sure your granddaughter is gonna love her!

Thank you all! :muah:

I love “rescueing” those poor lost dolls. I kinda feel like I’m the queen of the Island of Misfit Toys or something. :roflhard:

It is simply adorable, Sandy! Just lovely!

Thank you, Dollyce. It was a fun knit! :cheering:

it’s wonderful!! Looks very tedious to me - not sure I’d tackle something that small. Great job!

It was definitely tiny work. Most of the time, I was working with just my thumb and forefinger of both hands. So, I guess you’d call this a “2 finger, 2 thumbs up project”. :teehee:

Such a cute little dress! Some lucky Barbie to be getting that much tlc :slight_smile: