Barbara G. Walker

Is anyone familiar with her books on knitting?
particularly, a treasury of knitting, mosaic knitting, and a 2nd treasury of knitting.

What skill level does she have her patterns on?

Her books are expensive, so, I thought I’d ask around before buying.

I only have Knitting from the Top, but it’s well written IMO. I haven’t done anything from it yet though.

What I did/do though is check out any books that I can from the library first. If you end up liking it you can buy it, but if there is maybe only one pattern you’d be interested in you can make a copy of just that pattern. :thumbsup:

I have 2 of her books, 2 stitch treasuries. They will not give you patterns for hats or whatever, but they have hundreds of all sorts of stitch patterns, categorized by lace or cable etc. The books show examples of each. I use them all the time, and find they are worth every penny.

I learned to knit as a kid, stopped for 10 years, and then relearned to knit with a book by her called The learn to knit afghan book. She taught me how to read patterns in that book.

I have her book “charted Knitting designs” and use it for inspiration all the time. You might check Amazon and/or Alibris,com or used books.:sun:Ellie

I have ‘Mosaic Knitting’ and I LOVE it :mrgreen: It’s a great way of using colour and very easy to learn. The charts are in black and white which might put some people off but I like it because it lets you choose your own colours without being biased.

I only got it at Christmas but I can see it’s going to be a very useful book :mrgreen:

[SIZE=3]I have her book [B]“A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns” [/B]and holds a wealth of stitch information. It was well worth the price.[/SIZE]

I have the first and second treasuries, totally worth it!!!


I just featured a lace scarf from the 2nd book of knit stitches… on the ‘finished knitting’ section… I like the book a lot and have used it quite a few times.

Like others have said - the treasurys aren’t pattern books for items, but hundreds of stitch patterns for overall textures or motifs.

Because of the wide variety of stitch patterns in each book there’s a wide range of difficulties from extremely easy to rather difficult. I’ve had access to these books as a beginner and as I grew to be an advanced-intermediate knitter and have found them to be extremely helpful and inspirational.

If I didn’t already have easy access to them (my mother owns them and we knit together a lot) I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them.

There’s a lot of the BW sts patterns at, some with pictures.

Yeppers, I already am doing that. Got it on hold, and having it transferred to a closer library.

Yes, ma’am, I’ve looked on amazon, and am hoping to find an inexpensive cpy if I like the book, after checking it out from the library.

Just wondering if ya’ll like her way of writing, and so far, it looks positive.;

Mosaic knitting has got me interested. Is mosaic knitting hard?

Is it tough living as an American in Korea?

My goodness, aren’t things strict around there? Do you worry about being a foreigner, and the prejudices against Americans?

I think it’s quite easy. There’s a section at the beginning where you are walked through one of the charts step by step with written instructions so you can learn to do it properly. Plus you only have to use one colour per row which is great, saves getting tangled up and the back stays nice and neat.

Here’s an example of a scarf I did using three of the charts, 2 are in garter and one is stockinette.