Bank Recommendations (Boston-area/National Banks)

All right, so I moved back to Boston at the beginning of June. I did my undergrad at BU, and I had a checking account through Fleet. They were an OK bank, but then Bank of America bought them out. And BFA is just wretched.

My current bank is Commerce, and I love :heart: them to death. (If you live anywhere near a Commerce bank, bank with them! Fantastic customer service. Convenient hours.) Commerce, unfortunately, does not have any locations in Massachusetts. This breaks my heart.

Part of Commerce’s awesomeness is that they refund me ATM fees charged by other banks/ATM owners, so I haven’t been in a huge rush to change over.

Yeah, you don’t have to go to the bank all that often, but it’s just no possible to travel 500 miles round-trip to do my business. So I’m in the market for a new bank.

I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than bank with Bank of America again.

So what’s the skinny? Sovereign? Citizen’s? CitiBank? I want a bank that’s got a lot of locations, and decent customer service (I’ve been spoiled rotten by Commerce).

Well, I just use Bank of America for my checking account…cuz the ATMs are everywhere, the checking account is free, and I’m lazy :teehee: And my savings account is with ING/Orange…so I guess not much of a help.

But I know a few people who are happy with credit unions like DCU and the UMass credit union (and def check these out if you plan on getting car loans, mortgag, etc–you can get great rates sometimes) . My roommate has Citizens and loves it…and there’s a branch in almost every Stop’n’Shop you go to, with convenient hours.

Good luck!
(And you work for textbook publishing right? My best friend works for Pearson, I think…but he’s in NH)

I love Citizens… Their hours are better than any other bank I’ve ever been to. They’re even open on Sundays! And if you can find a Stop&Shop, you can find a Citizens.

The people at the branch I go to in North Beverly are SO great. I don’t even have to give ID anymore, because they’re willing to get to know their clients. Its really lovely. :slight_smile:

Good to know…Hama, I’ve never used a credit union, and don’t really know anything about them or how they work, so that makes me leery.

Citizen’s, huh? Keep the suggestions coming. :teehee:

Good to know…Hama, I’ve never used a credit union, and don’t really know anything about them or how they work, so that makes me leery. I do work for Prentice Hall! Is your friend a sales rep?

Citizen’s, huh? Keep the suggestions coming. :teehee:

I used to use a credit union when I was a kid. I didn’t really notice a difference between them and a big bank.

I’ve been with Wells Fargo for a number of years now and I really love them.
(Unless it’s for a home mortgage. They were pretty useless then.)

Edit to add wiki-link for credit unions

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i use state farm. i move around a decent amount and “national” chains aren’t always that. so at my bf’s recommendation , i switched over a few years ago.

i love it - it’s all online, but you can go to the state farm insurance offices if you need. you can mail in your checks or deposit them in an atm (they are all over at other bank chains). they also refund all atm surcharges, so you never have to worry about which atm you’re at.

I have accounts in both BOA and Citizens and Citizens is the clear winner!

When it was clear my mother needed full time care for her Alzheimers the officer at Citizens was absolutely amazing in helping me through the maze. To be fair, the BOA folks were helpful too but the Citizens person was just incredible.

I definitely plan to move everything into Citizens soon.

I have BOA, and I’ve never had a problem with it. I actually love that the ATMs are everywhere.

Sovereign good, I had an account with them during college since that was the bank we had on campus. The only reason I cancelled was because I wanted to put everything in one account to make it easier. They were good though, never had problems with them either.

:rofl: Our authors write all of our problems, so I doubt I work with him. I know one author wrote a problem with his sales rep’s name, the marketing manager’s name, and the editor’s name as the people in the problem. :rofl:

:noway: I didn’t even know they were a bank. I’ve only ever heard of their insurance!