Bamboo Yarn

Has anyone every tried using bamboo yarn? When I was at my LYS the other day, they had some. It felt a bit like a very smooth cotton, but more like silk. It was quite a light thread (maybe finger or DK). It felt very nice to the touch, but I’m just wondering how it knits up.

I have. It knits up very soft. I’ve been told, however, that it weakens when wet, so be careful when washing. I made a purse out of it and I love it.

I have a couple of balls of bamboo sock yarn, but I have yet to knit it up. Everyone I know who has complains that it splits really easily while working with it. That drives me nuts, so I keep putting it off:teehee:

I’ve knit a pair of socks with it. They are soft, but not warm. It does split easily too.

has a lovely drape, is stretchy, and soft. it is splitty, but try using a different size/type needle until you are comfortable with it. I made a camisole out of Royal Bamboo and it is lovely. it steam blocks really well, and needs the blocking after each washing to keep the shape.

I used bamboo yarn to make this wrap; this particular yarn was “splitty” but some other yarns are in a chain like weave. it was very soft and had a great drape.

I’m making a feather and fan stole out of bamboo yarn, and I absolutely LOVE it. This one is a chainette yarn, so not at all splitty. It’s not super soft right now, but I’m told that it softens up with washing, so I’m looking forward to that. :slight_smile:

It’s smooshy and yummy and oh so soft knit up. Of course I like to just sit here and pet it.

I absolutely adore bamboo yarn - yes it does split a bit, but it’s so smooth that it doesn’t really become a problem… it’s so smooshy! I made my sister in law a scarf from some cream bamboo and loved every minute of it, and am now loathe to give it to her :wink:

I made a Christmas tree ornament with panda cotton sock yarn. It split some, but not enough to bother me. I just had to be more careful. It is super soft, and I found myself putting down my needles often, just so I could touch it. I’ve just got to make myself a pair of socks with it.

Wow it sounds like a wonderful experience just to knit it. When I go to my LYS to treat myself to my first dose of Malabrigo maybe I’ll also pick up some bamboo yarn to play with! This is my new years gift to myself - I just can’t justify anymore knitting related Christmas gifts to myself - project bag from Silver and a LanternMoon silk needle case. Every day I’m so excited to see the mail!

I used Classic Elite Bam Booto make this scarf. It came out beautifuly soft with great stitch definintion. But - it stretches [I]a lot.[/I] Reminds me of how cotton behaves. It feels wonderfully squishy and soft.

I was given two skeins as a gift. I knit a scarf and I didn’t have any trouble with it at all. I think maybe it was a Bernat yarn. ???

It is very delicate yarn. It’s merely these frail bamboo fuzzies with some other thread wrapped around the outside. I wouldn’t use bamboo yarn for anything you wanted to last several years. It is good for a change of pace, though, for a different sort of scarf, etc.