Bamboo Needles

Okay, I’m making a super-huge scarf on a bamboo circular and a pair of fingerless mitts on bamboo DPNs. This is the first time I’ve ever worked with bamboo for an extended period and I’m starting to dislike it. It’s great that I’m not slipping stitches off the end of my needles, but after a while my fingers start to feel… tingly. It’s like… over stimulation of the nerves or something, I don’t know, but when it happens I have to stop and wait until the sensation goes away. It doesn’t hurt, though, it’s just really annoying. Has anyone else experienced this?

Oh yes–that tingling is very common! It’s either from knitting too long without breaks or from holding the needles too tightly (perhaps a combination of both).

Here’s a great link to help you learn to keep your hands happy and get knitting done. I do these exercises/stretches often, and they’ve really made a difference!

I’ll bet the problem is that you are holding the needles too tightly. When we use bamboo, or any other lightweight, warm needle we tend to hold them tighter than we do our other needles. In the same way the yarn doesn’t slip from the bamboo, neither do your fingers. Try resting your hands and taking Angelia’s advice on the exercises, then when they feel better, go back to your knitting with a lighter touch. I’ll bet it’ll work better for you.

I’ve found that I prefer kntting with the slippery metal needles when I knit in the round or with a small gauge. It’s a lot easier to work with that way. Because you’re right about stitches not slipping off easily…

I LOVE my bamboo straight needles, though! They’re so light weight and easy to work with. I’m definatly going to buy bamboo when I need new needles.