Bamboo needles - need recommendation

I’m about to purchase a circular needle and I’m considering bamboo which I’ve not used before. I read that they can get sticky. Is this true? Is Clover considered a good brand?

I have several Clover circulars and have not had any problem with them getting sticky.
Really like the bamboo over the plastic and metal.

I like Plymouth’s brand bamboo.

I’ve never seen Plymouth brand. None of my local craft stores have what I’m looking for and Joann has them online. But there’s a choice between bamboo and metal. I’ve never minded metal but I have bamboo DPs and they don’t slip which is great when decreasing and knitting in the round. But one reviewer said the bamboo has too much grab. Is this true?

I have several sets of Clover circ’s and none of them have gotten “sticky”. HTH. :wink:

My bamboo are reasonably slick without “dropping” the stitches. I like them.

I love to knit with Bamboo - and it’s not “sticky” to me, but it does have a nice “grab” and it holds on to stitches nicely.

I shouldn’t make a big deal out of one pair of needles…I’ve thought of taking the plunge and getting one of those sets and have read the posts about them. But I really don’t need all those sizes…so I’ll get the one 16 inch Clover circular and continue thinking about it. Thanks to all of you for your help!

I love bamboo needles. I have some Clover & Bamboo premium collection. Never had sticky issues with them.

I really like the Clover highly polished type of needle. I’ve used the plain bamboo and feel that depending on the yarn it does stick. Someone also told me recently that you can rub wax paper on the needles if they stick but I have not tried that yet.

I knit almost 100% using bamboo and I love them. I don’t think that they are sticky.

They will get smoother with use… and The longer you use them - the smoother and slicker they get from the oils from your skin moving along the wooden needles. Also, the wood as you use them and the rubbing of the yarn over the needles helps the needles get smoother and smoother too. I just know that the bamboo needles that I’ve used often are slicker and smoother than the ones that I haven’t used yet.

I love my Clover bamboo circs! They are so comfortable, I have gotten so I prefer them to the metal, which I’ve used exclusively for years. The Clover needles are reasonable so buy one and see how you like it.

I think that the deal with them being “sticky” has more to do with the way the yarn works on the needle. They are grabbbier than metal are which is great if you are working with a particularly slippery yarn. I don’t think the needles get sticky in the same way they would if you gave them to a five year old to play with whilst he was eating a jelly sammich. They COULD get sticky in the same way any finished woods would in high humidity conditions. In general though, the stickiness really does revolve around the yarn not slipping across the needles as quickly as it would if it were a nickle plated needle. That works really well for a LOT of people and they were awesome for me when I first started. I don’t like them like that anymore but I think clover is a great choice as far as brands go.

As far as the sets go… I wouldn’t hold out for changing your mind too long. I never saw myself using smaller needles when I first started knitting. Now the majority of the needles I own are size 3 or smaller. granted that size isn’t in any of the sets…lol… but the point is, that as you see more and more patterns that you like, your thinking on that is likely to change. Doesn’t always but I would keep an eye on what you are buying for needles and when you see the scale tipping definitely take the plunge. :thumbsup:

I’m not a big fan of bamboo. I just don’t like the feel of them and depending on what I’m knitting, the points aren’t sharp enough for me. (Guess I knit kinda tight.) As far as the sets go, I have a set of Denise circs which I use for everything. I have a muscle problem in my left hand and if I use regular straights, I end up dropping the left needle at the end of every row. So I stay with the circs. (But I can use the little dpns for socks. Go figure!) Someday I may pop for a new set of the KP wooden circs. They look smooth and lovely.

I wouldn’t not consider buying a set of circs; you may find that you use them more than you think.

I am a newbie knitter and have some tendonitis and arthritis in my wrists and hands (respectively), so I’m not fond of metal needles - too cold for me or something. I do like my Clover (Takumi) bamboos. I have several sizes. They certainly do get smoother with use, and they are much warmer and lighter to use. The circs are like most fixed circs - the cable likes to curl quite a lot. The only problem I’ve found so far is that one of my pairs of US size 10 are warped. The weather might be a factor here, as it has been very cold and damp recently. We shall see!

Personally, I’m hoping hubby finds his way to KP to buy me Harmonies for my birthday next month, but I’m not betting on it. DH is has internet shopping fobia, he always makes me order stuff and process payments for him! LOL!

i like Takumi fixed circs