Bamboo Needles... different results?


I just bought my first bamboo needles a couple of days ago… mainly because I needed DPN’s for the sleeves in a baby sweater and I couldnt find metal DPN’s in 10.5 size… more than excited that I wont have a seam this time, I start knitting… and… the results are completely different!!!

The knitting looks thicker and completely different than the rest… why??

Is there something I havent considered?

I can’t imagine why unless, because the yarn doesn’t slip as easily on the bamboo you’re not pulling it as tight. Ummmmm…yes, I’m betting that’s the answer.


Some people do get different gauges based on what material of needle they use, so that very well could be the problem.

Thank you! I am going to try again and see if the same problem comes up… if so… do they make 10.5 DPN in boye?

I get a different gauge on plastic needles and bamboo nedles.