Bamboo knitting needles

I splurged today and bought my fist pair of bamboo knitting needles made by Clover, size 8 - straights.

Do you have a preference over aluminum needles or bamboo? If so, what are the pros and cons? I’ve always had the Susan Bates aluminum needles. I travel a lot with my knitting and I’m so afraid of breaking my needles in my bag. I did have one set of plastic ones awhile ago and sure enough…SNAP! :doh: Broke right in my bag. I’m just too rough with this stuff.

The only preference I have of one over the other depends on what yarn I am using. Some things just work easier with aluminum and others with bamboo. But there is something I enjoy about bamboo as a whole, it makes me feel sort of like my knitting is more authentic or closer to how it may have been done before more modern times came to bring aluminum needles into being. Gives it sort of an organic quality. :shrug:

I prefer knitting with alum needles when it’s chunkier yarn but anything using a size 10 or under needle, I prefer the bamboo. I even have Denises and I still prefer the bamboo. It’s so smooth!


[color=indigo]Bamboo is very pleasant to work with. The wood kinda catches some yarns, which helps to prevent stitches from sliding off the needle, but also can slow you down somewhat. For me, I prefer bamboo over metal cuz I can sharpen the wooden points the way I like them. Overall, I suppose I prefer the Denise set. I have seen an interchangeable bamboo set, but the maker offers neither larger sized needles nor longer cords.

The again, as said by Silver here, and as I have just recently learned, “there’s a right needle for every project.”