Ballet Camisole (Magknits)

I wasn’t going to start anything big right now, but making socks and finishing Starsky, both things that I am NOT going to wear in this heat, seem less than inspiring at the moment! :wink: So I’m starting the Ballet Camisole. I’m very ashamed though, to say that [size=1]I ripped my Picovoli apart to make this[/size] :oops: The fit just wasn’t what I’d hoped it to be, and despite my efforts to tack the armholes a bit tighter it just wasn’t happening and I knew it was destined to be another item to just hang in my closet and look pretty.

SO, I hope that my Knitpicks Shine will be much happier as a camisole! :lol:

Anyone in???

i want to do this so bad!!!

i have a bunch of shine worsted laying around, but it calls for shine sport. i know i could probably substitute, but i’m not advanced enough to know how. LOL

can’t wait to see yours!

You could knit a swatch of the worsted, figure out what your stitches per inch would be, then going by the measurements on the schematic, figure out which size would be appropriate for your gauge. Does that make sense?? You would wind up making a smaller size than you would normally be (unless you’re already a XS, then you might be out of luck!! :wink: ) because you would be getting less stitches per inch.

Or you could follow these directions:

Very cool, and I think that this would be a basic enough item for the calculations to not be too crazy.

(Can you tell I want you to join me??? :lol: )

hmmm…i think i’ll do a gauge swatch this week and see what i come up with!!!

i might need a little more direction, but i can at least get that out of the way =)

Oh, I’m sooo tempted.
I’m looking for my next project…
I’ll let you know.
What color are you doing yours?

OK, I have a question about yarn colors…I’m at my in-laws for a few weeks, and I don’t have my color card here with me.
The colors on this computer seem a little off, so I’ll need y’alls help.
The color CLOUD…is it more blue than grey? Or more grey than blue?
Or is it just grey? I can’t tell.


Looks Grey to me. I was confused for a minute because they have a Cloud in WOTA and that is a cream/off white color

Thanks, snephenie!
I think grey will work. I just got a new skirt and this top would work so well with it.
Now, to see how quickly I can get my yarn over here at my in-laws… :thinking:

I just read in a blog someones comments on the colour cloud. They said that on their computer screen it looked decidedly blue but when the yarn arrived it was more of a silvery grey. Hope this helps!

I am doing mine in the colour, green apple.

I really love this cami… and am dying to cast on, but I am in the middle of Calla (and can’t finish until I get my Denise’s back) and am working on a design of my own… Can’t wait to see the finished product though!!


I feel so lame :oops: I started this KAL and I’m dropping out :oops: . I’m about 5" in and am SO bored with the stockinette. I just can’t handle it. I am going to do this tank instead.

Sorry ladies, I hope that some of you still do it because I’d love to see one finished. :smiley:

so the yarn i had at home is Shine Sport.

i casted on last night, but used size 5 since i didn’t have 4. i figure it should be ok because i knit really tight. i’m going to do a few rows of the ribbing and see how it goes.

i know, i know - i should have done a swatch, but i’m a glutton for punishment!! :smiley:

too loose!! it’s ripped out.

rats! i’ve been trying to do projects without buying anything for a little bit and i refuse to buy the needles. hmmm…

i have 3s - maybe i’ll try those =)

:wall: it only goes up to 44 inch bust :wall:

Hildie, you can probably do the math to make the size you need. It doesn’t seem to be too complicated of a pattern…besides, you’re like the math guru around here, no? :wink:

I’ll join in, but I won’t be able to play along until we’re back from vacation in two weeks. poo. In the meantime, I’ll keep stalking to see what eveyone else is doing.

i COULD do the math… sigh… and I have a bunch of shine left over from my frogged tank… it’s worsted though, not sport… hmmmmmmmmmm

Go Hildie!! You can do it!!
You know you wanna…cmon…join us, Hildie… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

i recasted on with size 3 circs for the ribbing and i’m about 4 rows into it. i think it will be fine. ribbing is stretchy so i’m not too worried!

we’ll see how the rest of the sweater goes. :rollseyes:
i’ve never really done any garments - just one other tank.

LOL. :roflhard:

I’m afraid the yarn i have to use will be too stiff with such small needles…

LOL Hildie!

thanks to my boss being on vacation i’m into the decreasing part. it’s going to be a very boring project for the most part i think, but i think i will like the results!! :happydance: