Ballet Cami

Hi all,

i´m hoping to start the Magknits Ballet Cami and had a gauge question. I dont have 4mm needles, so I tried the gauge on 4.5mm needles. It´s supposed to be 22sts and 29 rows in 4 inches, but I got 22 X 29 in 4.5 inches ( unwashed ). Do you think that´ll still be OK? I´m going the the states to visit my mom and was hoping to bring this project on the plane, and dont want to buy new needles here ( kinda expensive )

OK all you knitting gurus, help me out here!


You could wash your swatch and see if it shrinks any or you could just bite the bullet and go ahead. Since you are getting the # of sts, you could compensate the row guage by knitting fewer rows. Most patterns go by knitted inches/cm anyway.

No she’s getting a few more stitches, her swatch came out to 4.5". Before you wash it, I’d suggest doing another swatch, only cast on about 26 sts and measure the middle 4 inches to see what your true gauge is. The end stitches are usually a little different than the ones in the middle and won’t give you a true gauge. Then go ahead and wash it to see what you get. The pattern calls for 5.5 sts/inch; if you still have less (sounds like you’re getting about 4.75/inch) you may need to knit a size smaller because that much difference over a sweater could make it 4-6 inches larger. Don’t worry about the row gauge if it’s different, it won’t be that much.


No, she’s not getting the stitch gauge; she says 22 sts is 4.5" instead of 4".

I’d look at the pattern and see if doing the next size down is an option.

Thanks Deb, Sue and Lisa -

I´m going to try it again using a few more stitches as Sue suggested as I just did 22. :pray:


OK, so I did it with 30 stitches and got 20 stitches per 4 inches. Is it do-able?


It’s better. Did you wash and block it? Though you’re still a little largish and 1/2 st per inch over might be too big. I’d suggest making one size smaller.

No, I didnt wash and block it. I may just wait till I get to the states and buy the correct size needles - I dont want to put the time into it and have it come out wrong.

Guess I´ll just have to bring a book with me for the trip over…

Thanks Sue! :thumbsup: