Ballerina skirt pattern

I am doing this pattern

Its done by knitting the pants into the skirt before the rib waist line. But was thinking about doing them as separates so the frilly pants are optional in the complete outfit, was worried it might be to bulky at waist tho, would it work do you think.

Was thinking maybe shirring elastic could be used on pants waist line instead of inserting 7mm elastic in fold.

The pants and skirt are too adorable for words. You could do them individually so that they could be worn separately. If they’re to go together though, i think the idea of knitting them together before the waistband is one that saves on bulk. You won’t have two waist bands fighting over one tiny waist.
Is this your pattern or could you post a link to it?

No its not mine, couldnt resist it lol, Ive done the skirt on its own well front half, can always do another 1 later with pants knitted together.

Remembering back to when I had a baby girl…I would have preferred the pants and all be one piece because of the way they will gap and the dress part will ride up. Just be sure they accommodate diaper changes without stripping the child for a chilling IMO. However you decide to do it, that will be a really sweet outfit.

Finished skirt, going to make a petticoat later.

Could not be cuter! Your work is lovely and the colors are wonderful. What a thrill to have this skirt for a baby girl.

It’s fit for a princess in a fairy tale. I’ve decided there should be a category of Confection Knitting, things that just look scrumptious. This belongs in that category!

Thanks, hope Ive done the pattern justice.

Very pretty indeed! I love the ruffles around the bottom–not that I’m a ruffle type of gal, but lots of girls are, and a little one will sure look cute in this! :thumbsup: