ball winders

I now use my KnitPicks ball winder only from skein to cake: using it to get an inside pull just doesn’t work for me.::unamused:
Does anyone have a ball winder about which s/he is madly enthusiastic ? - especially when it comes to re-winding ?
My current one, in use, frequently causes the cake end to fly off the spindle. And for why I dunno but a finished cake when pulled from the middle just collapses into a mess. :confounded:

It’s normal for a yarn cake to collapse when pulled from the center. I like having the cake so the yarn sits nicely beside me, but I only pull from the outside now so it doesn’t collapse.

I don’t own a yarn winder so I’ll leave that question to others.

Alas, not a sausage.
Sighh …

Well, I use the back of a chair. It’s not very chatty but it has few moving parts.

Ah, smartypatnts - but my problem isn’t with skeins, only with re-winding.
Guess I must put up with the fact that unless there is a booming voice from the heavens telling me which is The Best Ball-Winder for this porpoise, it’ll be internally collapsing yarn for me forever.
Or, of course, I must just knit/crochet from the outside of the ball.

Ball winders won’t affect the middle collapsing no matter which one you get. As soon as a lot of yarn is out of the middle there’s nothing to hold it. Now I have rewound it (by hand) when this starts to happen, but it’s a never ending battle.

This isn’t related to ball winders, but I know of a few people who pull from the outside that have the yarn on a kind of a lazy susan with a stick in the middle. It pulls nicely from the outside that way without rolling all over the room. Here’s an example -


Yep, my thumb is my winder. Knit until it collapses, rewind.

Bad thing about the lazy Susan solution is I’d need at least 2 for most of what I do. Not a knit in public friendly option.

I SAY, Jan ! - this looks very like the solution to my problem !!! - a thousand thanks !
Now I won’t have to think twice about winding from the outside - brilliant. :hugs:

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What on earth do you make, Mike ???

I’m on a double knitting kick so 2 skeins. The one I’m starting now has a third color.

Lazy Susan would work for sweaters. I haven’t considered doubling one of those yet.

Oh good! Let us know how it works for you!

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Then you need a double one, Mike!

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Buggeration ! - I just ordered a single one from Amazon.
{wanders away swearing under her breath}

And I’m just started on a shawl for a friend, in brioche - so I’m in the same boat, in fact.

What would get me even with the double stand is once you start on the outside KIP is approaching out of the question (notice I didn’t totally rule it out :grinning: ), I already hate getting DPN tubes off and my fingers wrapped for 2 strands then getting called back to the Dr.

I remembered this.

I wonder how a dowel sized to fit tight across my bag would roll. I don’t mind a tight pull. Outside is better because of twisting.

Interesting idea. Maybe you’ll have to invent something!