Ball Winder Plans?

Does anyone have a plan for making a ball winder? I love the idea of a wooden one, but I think the Strauch is a bit pricey, especially since DH thinks he’d be able to make one, if he just had an idea of how it works. We’ve only seen the Strauch one in person once, and at the time we weren’t thinking about making one, so we didn’t think to inspect it better.

I have a regular winder. And I pull from the middle. I’ve never had a problem with it.

My LYS has a ball winder that I use and I always pull from the middle. no probs.

Sorry, I guess I confused everyone with the “center pull”, I should have left that out. Just a regular ball winder is what I want, to make a finished product just like the plastic ones, but I wanted it to be wooden. And I really wanted DH to be able to make one, since he wanted to help.
sorry for confusing you guys! :doh:

There are a lot of homemade swifts out there, but I did remember this idea for a ball winder.

<shudder> Electric tools and yarn together skeer me. I think I’ve also seen someone use a mixer in the same fashion.

What scares me is a cat or kid does something, you get distracted for a second and you have a huge mess to figure out.

:rofl: I guess you’d have to lock yourself in the bathroom.

Well, I guess that would be the perfect place to be, considering the tp roll you need! :roflhard:

Seriously though, that might be an idea until he can figure one out. But it’s not very pretty!! I can just picture showing someone my stash…oohh, ahhh, here’s my Malabrigo…here’s my Manos, and over here…oh, that’s just my power drill for winding all this beautiful yarn into a ball! :oops: :roflhard:

There’s always the mixer method… :mrgreen:

Try this

I Googled "homemade yarn winder"

Okay, so in a pinch, I gave the power drill method a try. Well, it worked, temporarily. As soon as I pulled a few yards out of the middle, the whole thing fell into a big pile of yarn vomit. Now I think I’m worse off than I was. I kept saying to DH semi-under my breath, I need a ball winder, this wouldn’t happen if I just had a ball winder! I think he’s got the hint now! :eyebrow:
The poopy part is, I need to frog my green gable, but without a winder, I really don’t even feel like attempting it. I can do it by hand, but holy moly, Cotton Fleece is 200+ yards. Not fun!!

Drat, I’m sorry.

So sorry about the GG :frog: what happened?!

wrong cast on, the neck is square (long tail cast on) instead of boat neck (backwards loop) the pattern didn’t specify which to use, and it wasn’t until I posted a question about it here, because I had seen some other square looking necks, that i found out. apparently i’m not the first to frog because of the wrong cast on. i’m considering emailing the girls at Zephyr Style so they can clarify.

Kelly, I just got an email from and they have ball winders on sale (while supplies last) for $22.09 if you want to go ahead and buy one.