Ball Winder alone, or with Swift?

Being new I did not realize that I would need to wind my hanks of yarn into balls. I tried doing it by hand and geez that was time consuming. So I woul like to buy a ball winder.

Question is do I HAVE to get an umbrella swift too, or can the winder be used alone? How much easier does the swift make the process?

Thanks for your advice everyone :cool:

The swift allows you do wind the balls when you’re home alone. :teehee: You could hold the yarn on your hands if you have someone to turn the winder.

It is possible to do without a swift, even if you are alone. You can put the yarn over the ends of a chair and feed the winder, for example, but a swift does make it a lot easier.

i use my swift for hanks. if i have skeins of yarn, i wind them off the skein while the skein bounces and hops around inside a deep box. i’m really glad i splurged on the swift. it makes a big difference.

My budget is tight so use a loose, spinning lampshade as a swift. Works like a charm!


I use a round laundry basket placed upside down on the floor to wrap my yarn around, and have my ball winder on my desk to wind. It works really well for me.

A swift? Now there is an idea. Although I thought that was what I had children for!

If you can afford it, buy both swift and winder. It’s so much fun! My daughter (8) loves to do it, she loves to see the yarn spinning around on the the swift and the ball forming like magic on the winder.