Balene circulars... you move me!

I’m pretty new to this whole knitting thing, but I bought a huge lot of knitting stuff from someone for dirt cheap, and so I don’t have to buy new knitting needles very often (they’re mainly metal needles).

So, for Knitty’s “Topi” hat I ended up buying the following :

Balene circular needle
Boye metal circular needle
Clover bamboo circular needle

Maybe I’m crazy, but I just loved that Balene needle! The pattern uses tons of increases, and the funky tip on the Balene really made the kfb sooooo much easier to do, without splitting yarn!

I definitely hated the Boye’s. Blech. Yuck. Very stiff, my hands just ached when I put down the knitting.

The Clover’s were very nice too, although I didn’t love them as much as the Balene’s.

So here’s my question… I hadn’t even heard of these needles being mentioned as good ones (the Balene’s that is), and I only got them because it was the only brand at Hobby Lobby in the size I needed. So is there something I’m missing about these, that most people don’t like them?

I’m just curious as it will help me learn more about knitting. :slight_smile:

And, why is it Boye seems so popular? I mean, I really truly hated that circular needle. It was a 16 incher though. Maybe the bigger ones aren’t bad?

I have the Boye Needlemaster set and am not exactly thrilled with them. I MUCH prefer the Susan Bates Silva Lume circulars or Addi Turbos. I also have some of the Balene needles and don’t really like them as well as the Susan Bates circulars. The Balene needles are kind of disappointing because I have a Balene crochet hook that is one of my favorites. Was expecting to like the Balene Knitting needles as well. However, they don’t seem to be quite the same material as my crochet hook.

You’re lucky that you were able to buy a single Boye 16" needle to try first.

I’ve never heard of Balene! I don’t like the Boye’s tip where the needle changes to the tip–too abrupt and all I feel is the little bump.

Addis are number one, and if I have to settle, the other metal I’ll use is Susan Bates.

BTW. my balene crochet hook is at least 25 years old so I’m pretty sure the material is quite different…might actually be made from whale baleen. Also, BTW, the Balene II needles are a Boye product.

The boyes hurt my hands too. And I don’t like the joins at all. Ugh. And the pointy end hurts my fingertips!

Now I want to try the Balenes!

I bought a set of Baylene II dpns for my pedicure socks and I hated them!! So much, in fact, that I made dh take me to LYS directly from my cancer therapy so I could buy some different ones. :rofling: The Baylene ones were just too… smushy. I didn’t like them at all!

I ended up getting a set of Prym 8" dpn’s that I LOVE!!! I’ve never heard of them before, but I really like them. They’re a bit heavier than Boye’s dpns, but I found them so much easier to use.

:smiley: I’m thinking that it’s all in what you are comfy with :wink: Me, I prefer metal…addi’s being my fave, before addi’s Susan Bates quicksilver were my fave…Addi’s are #1, my 2nd fave are Inox needles. It’s like in life, we all have different taste :wink:

I have some of the Balene II DPNs and they seem OK for that purpose. Have only tried them once so far.