Bag Patterns

I’ve been browsing ravelry and CPC for awhile now…and was wondering do you guys have any favorite spring/summer style bags? :happydance:

Hi Dustinac, Here are some links to some bags I like:

:hug: Thank you for the links, but I get Error when I click on them :think: …I’ll look around on the site and see if I can find them…

I just made one of the Crochet Dudes purses they are awesome and he does some nice free ones check out the Crochet Dude’s Ravelry group.There are a few other groups on there just for bags also.

Sorry. Wordpress is undergoing major changes and not all features are working. Try these:

:happydance: Thanks!

I like the Beaded Squares :think:

I’ll check the group out…I was looking through the Bags! Bags! Bags! group too…and I did see one of his patterns that I like really well but it was in last year’s Interweave Crochet…I’m going to see if I can get a copy from their site…I think it was slouch or something like that…:thumbsup:

I also found this pattern too…pdf link

now to decide which to do first :rofl: